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Santa Barbara Home Designer specializing in authentic Santa Barbara Style Homes and Landscapes...

Hi, my name is Jeff Doubet- a local designer and consultant in Santa Barbara, California.

My primary niche is helping you see the potential in your home and landscape... and guiding you with artistic insights that will bring out the best in your home.

The perception of warmth in a quality design increases the perceived value of any given property... and makes them more enjoyable to live in, as well. 

I provide Design + Consultant Services:

On-site Remodel + Landscape Consultations (Pre-purchase ,Escrow, After purchase)

Before and After Sketches and Hand Drawn Architectural Renderings: Exterior + Landscaping improvement.

Whole House Conceptual Design: Interior Design, details + materials in the Santa Barbara style.

Floor Plans, Elevation Renderings, Landscape Design






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Authentic Spanish Style Home Designers in California that use Plaster Grilles, visit Santa Barbara Home Designer website for more info


For nearly 13 years I have been providing Artistic Conceptual Design and Consulting Services...

helping clients "See the full potential" in improving their properties in Montecito, Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara CA.

See this Original Jeff Doubet design





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Homes with strong Emotional Appeal are satisfying to live and entertain in.

They are also highly desired... and sell for higher prices- when they go up for sale.

Please call Jeff Doubet (805) 687-1716 for an Affordable Initial Consultation to discuss specific projects.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Jeff Doubet



Investing in your Montecito or Santa Barbara Home: Ideas and designs for how to improve value.


As a local Designer, my niche market and "Gift" is in helping you create an Inspired Vision for your property.

Improving the feel of your property is the essence of improving it's overall "property value".

Designing those changes, starts with ideas... and the ideas will drive the entire project. It is valuable to have this Big Picture vision on the front end- and I am fortunate to have an ability to listen to client wish list items and incorporate them into emotive, Preliminary Design Review Renderings.



Best real estate ideas properties homes in Montecito California and Santa Barbara images photos drawings


I have many years of experience in consulting, and working with various independent investors, General Contractors and Artisans in town that follow through with these artistic concepts... and make them a reality.

Crafting a home's "Soul" is more an Art than a Science- There are a lot of firms that have technical skills in developing working drawings, plans and permits.

Designs that capture strong emotional appeal add icing to the cake... sizzle to the steak... and ultimately become the most valuable within any given neighborhood.

Please call, and invest in an affordable initial consultation. I look forward to meeting with you.

Sincerely, Jeff Doubet (805) 687-1716






Remodeling and Home Design




Santa Barbara Home Design and interior decorating


Santa Barbara Home Design Store: Furniture, decor and home goods for Spanish and Santa Barbara Style Homes


Santa Barbara Home Design Store: Hard to find Spanish style furniture, decor and home goods for creating a quintessential Santa Barbara style home.


Established in early 2012:I developed this Online Shopping experience to fill a niche for those searching for quality interior design products, ideal for Spanish style homes in California.


Furniture, home goods and decor: Purchase products directly via my custom Amazon.com store








Fine art resources for spanish style homes in California




Fine Art Resources for California Spanish Style Homes


Classic architectural drawings, sketches and hand drawn renderings in the old world romantic style of California architects and designers. I have established an online Fine Art prints, posters, canvas, framed art for decorating your Spanish Home Store.

Please click link or logo images to go directly to my FineArtAmerica.com page

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I recently launched a basic line of Fine Art Prints for Interior Designers and home owners seeking quality artwork for their spanish style interior designs and decor.



The Evolution of the Idea:


In 2014 I was contacted by an Art Rep Firm in Los Angeles. They requested permission to represent fine art prints of my Architectural Renderings to a Santa Barbara luxury hotel (upgrading all guest rooms).

Sadly, after being a finalist for a very lengthy decision making process... we didnt get the project. The experience proved a promising market for my Spanish Style Artwork.







Best Selling Books for Santa Barbara California style Architecture and Design and Spanish Homes



View Top Ten Best Selling Architecture and Interior Design books for Spanish Style homes in Santa Barbara California


The California Casa : Is currently # 1 Best Selling Book on this website.

A favorite client of mine tipped me to this amazing 360 page book, with 300 inspirational Spanish Colonial Revival Home photos and examples of Spanish Style interior decorating.


She had earmarked a bunch of pages for inspirational photos and information... Spanish design reference guides for the project we are working on.


At about $40, a great value directly from Amazon



Please click Thumbnail at left to see current pricing.


Please note: I am an Amazon affiliate and receive a small commission on your direct purchase from Amazon.






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