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Welcome to Design by Doubet: Your local, All-in-One Professional Home Designer + Consultant

Need help designing quality improvements to your Montecito /Santa Barbara home and landscaping?

I help clients see the potential in improving curb appeal, floor plan design and layout. I know how to design and create warm and inviting interior spaces that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

As an independent consultant... My clients utilize my services on an "as needed" / individual assignment basis, and I bill my services at an hourly rate. Often, I am asked to contribute ideas within an already established client team. If you do not have a complete team... I can introduce you to a wide variety of local, independent talent... In Santa Barbara we are blessed with a high concentration of quality folks.

Have a look around the website, and please give me a call if you think I might be a good fit for your project. Sincerely, Jeff Doubet 805-687-1716

Welcome to the Home Page of a unique, Santa Barbara Conceptual Design Studio specializing authentic Santa Barbara style detailing for your home and landscape.

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Landscape Design

Aesthetic, Remodeling Consultation

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Also: please enjoy the many Spanish Home Design Product Links and Resources that I have included within this Santa Barbara Home Design website.

For Example, The California Casa coffee table book (on left). A favorite client of mine tipped me to this amazing 360 page book, with 300 inspirational Spanish Colonial Revival Home photos and examples of Spanish Style interior decorating. You can see she has earmarked a bunch of pages for spanish design reference. Also note the Santa Barbara Architecture book I recently purchased through Amazon.com

It is important to let you to know that I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program that allows me to earn a modest commission for products that I like, promote and directly link to the Amazon.com website. I encourage other small design businesses to do the same, as the small revenue provides gas money- now and then. Thank You.



Feel free to give Jeff Doubet a call for an Affordable Initial Consultation @ 805-687-1716 or email Jeff Doubet today.