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Best Spanish Style Home Design Books


Wallace Neff style drawings and book reviews photos

Santa Barbara Home Design ranks best selling Architecture and Interior Design Books for designing Spanish style homes.

Scroll Down to see some examples, but first I will share with you the books I personally own, like and have drawn inspiration from.


LEFT: A Park Lane, Montecito client was torn between a George Washington Smith and Wallace Neff inspired remodel.

Here, I sketch Wallace Neff inspired ideas...




LEFT / ABOVE: The Wallace Neff book, opened to page 52-53

The artistic watercolor rendering by Wallace was the inspiration to incorporate "Neff-like" styling in to this Montecito home, above.

The scalloped plaster details at guest house above garage and inspiration to create an inverse swoop on short garden walls...

Not my favorite books that I personally own, but I really enjoyed designing the house above (which as of Sept. 2016 is currently under construction).



RIGHT: The classic architectural rendering on the Wallace Neff book cover, also shown above.

I purchased both of these Wallace Neff books in 2011. Click on the individual book image thumbnails (direct links to each) to learn more about them at Amazon.




Best Books for Santa Barbara Style Architecture


One of the best Santa Barbara Style Architecture design books, currently on the market today...

Click the Thumbnail to learn more about Spanish Colonial Style: Santa Barbara and the Architecture of James Osborne Craig and Mary McLaughlin Craig.

A Classic Santa Barbara Coffee Table Book that will look great in any Spanish home.

Authors: Pamela Skewes-Cox and Robert Sweeney.

Photography by: Matt Walla



Best Coffee Table books on Spanish Colonial Style and Santa Barbara architecture a book review by Santa Barbara Home Design


I purchased this book in the fall of 2015 and have been enjoying it ever since.

Spanish Colonial Style: Santa Barbara and the Architecture of James Osborne Craig and Mary McLaughlin Craig

I believe this is one of the nicest coffee table books out there right now with regard to the classic Spanish style of our Santa Barbara architecture. It also does a nice job with highlighting the creative minds and designers that have been influential in developing the Santa Barbara look.

I really enjoy this book for it's in depth look at simple designs, floor plans, and landscaping ideas for some of the most charming and historically significant architecture in the lovely neighborhoods of Montecito and Santa Barbara California.

I think most Spanish home lovers will really enjoy this book, as well.

Jeff Doubet

Santa Barbara Home Design






Best selling design books on Spanish Colonial Revival architecture book reviews in Santa Barbara California

An original design rendering by local Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet: Founder of Santa Barbara Home Design.

I developed this concept for design improvements to an existing Spanish Colonial Revival home and landscape in Santa Barbara, California.

If you have a home or landscape you would like design help with...

please contact me for an affordable initial consultation


Thank You, Jeff Doubet





George Washington Smith style renderings by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet


On this page: some of the architectural renderings I have created...

Designs for local Montecito and Santa Barbara clients.


I draw inspiration from these Classic Spanish Colonial Revival books.






George Washington Smith style renderings and designs Montecito Santa Barbara California photos


An original, hand drawn Jeff Doubet design rendering.


The project owner and I are George Washington Smith admirers.

I like the artistic architectural stamp on the right book (dust jacket removed)


Click to see Completed Project photos





ABOVE: I purchased both of these George Washington Smith books back in 2007. The terra cotta color George Washington Smith book on the LEFT is this book (without the paper dust cover).


Click thumbnail to see Amazon availability. Somewhat rare, priced at approx. $140 for a used copy, and $350+ for new





ABOVE: The George Washington Smith book on the RIGHT is this book (without the paper dust cover).


I like the hard cover with George Washington Smith Architect Seal... Last time I checked, this rare book was priced at $450 used, and $1,429.60 New. Click the thumbnail to see Amazon current availability.





Best books for designing Santa Barbara style architecture book reviews



#2 Best Selling

Architecture Book on Santa Barbara Home Design website.

I highly recommend this 432 page, 6.5 lb. Coffee Table Book.

I have met the author / Santa Barbara architect Jock Sewall, and use it for inspirational design ideas for a multitude of projects including...

small Montecito Cottages (Left) and large Montecito Estates (Below).




Best Architecture Design books for Santa Barbara Home Design book reviews

Click Thumbnail for current Amazon pricing. Jock Sewall was gracious to take my call and we had a long lunch meeting in 2016 where he gave me tips and pointers... teaching me how he went about creating this amazing book.

He was very encouraging when helping guide me in "next steps" for developing my own coffee table book. I am happy to report that I am in the final edit stage of a 240 page, full color book that I will make available directly on Amazon first quarter 2018. Please check back soon for the announcement.



ABOVE RIGHT: A hand drawn rendering that is in my new upcoming coffee table book. Here I was creating the original rendering for a Montecito Golden Triangle new construction project: I worked with the design developer to create these drawings for presentation to the Montecito Board of Architectural Review. The developer of the project is the client who first introduced me to Jock's book. I purchased my own copy in 2013, and Jock signed it for me while at a lunch meeting in 2016.


And a new book by Jock. I just purchased his book on California Missions.







recommended Spanish architecture design books

The California Casa:

This book was ranked #1 Best Selling Architecture Design book on this SantaBarbaraHomeDesigner.com website the last time I checked my stats. This photo at my office desk shows a couple of great books...

For The California Casa- the many ear-marked pages that one of my clients has been inspired by. She has made notes for me within the pages. The book placed underneath it: Santa Barbara Architecture is a book I own.

Fair warning: it is only with black and white photos of a wide range of Santa Barbara architectural styles... but a classic book that Santa Barbara architects I know, also have in their library.



Both links (above) are direct to Amazon.com where you can view current pricing and availability.





Santa Barbara Architecture: Coffee Table Book

click to see pricing and availability now.

Used copies start at about $25 and rare new copies at around $100





LEFT: I recently discovered this book. It is a reprint from 1929.

231 black and white photos of the famous architects of that time.

Alot of floor plans, landscape plans... more than any book I have found.

Click thumbnail to learn more...





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Best Selling Architecture and Interior Design Books Santa Barbara Home Designer website photos


Home Design Book Resources: Santa Barbara + Montecito, California


Best Selling Architecture and Interior Design books for creating Spanish Colonial Revival homes:

I rank them for the Santa Barbara Home Design website... last time I checked my stats, these were the books most ordered.


Please scroll and click Thumbnails for safe and secure purchases- directly at Amazon.com



#1 Best Selling:

I don't own this book personally, but a client of mine introduced it to me, and we used the book for many an inspiration in her home.

It is definitely a large book with lots of inspirational photos.







#2 Best Selling

As mentioned above, this is an amazing book that I own. The author, local Santa Barbara Architect Jock Sewall is a very gentle and generous guy... We had lunch in 2016, and he was very helpful in guiding me to next steps in creating my own Coffee Table book (now nearing completion and available on Amazon in the first quarter of 2018)






#3 Best Selling

I do not personally own this Haciendas book, but a client of mine does, and we used it extensively for inspiration for the details we developed for their local, Santa Barbara Oceanfront Hacienda home.







#4 Best Selling

A client gifted me a copy of this book. It has a lot of nice interior and exterior photos of Old World Spanish homes throughout California and including a few in Santa Barbara.








Spanish Colonial Revival Home Design Resources:




Click thumbnail to see this book on Spanish Style Ironwork Designs and other collections directly at Amazon.



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