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Thank You for visiting the OFFICIAL SANTA BARBARA HOME DESIGN website.

I am committed to providing the best Design Services, Products and Resources for you to create a beautiful Santa Barbara Style home.

Established in 2003, Jeff Doubet is the Creator, Founder and Business Owner of:

Santa Barbara Home Design - located in Santa Barbara, California

SantaBarbaraHomeDesigner.com - based in Santa Barbara, California

Design by Doubet - based in Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara Home Design Store - Established in Spring 2012 and accessed directly Online




Contact Santa Barbara Home Designer todaySanta Barbara Home Design Office Phone: 805-687-1716

Santa Barbara Home Design Office FAX: 805-687-1716

SantaBarbaraHomeDesigner.com Office Phone: 805-687-1716

Please call Lori to schedule an Affordable Initial Consultation with Jeff Doubet


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Jeff Doubet 805-687-1716 or by email:



Please also contact me by email if you want to be alerted of my new Coffee Table Book release date on Amazon.

I am putting the finishing touches on a large 240 page, full color beautiful book that will soon be available on Amazon in early 2018. Please check back often for the final title and direct link.

It is filled with hundreds of never before seen drawings, images, photos and pro insights that I have never shared on my website.


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I am dedicated to bringing you new Santa Barbara Home Design Tips and resources to help you plan and create a quintessential Spanish style home.







*All drawings, sketches and photos on this website are copyrighted by Jeff Doubet. Many of these hand drawn illlustrations and photos are just a sampling of the hundreds of my favorites never before seen. These and a multitude of others are now being compiled into a beautiful, full color coffee table book that I will be offering directly on Amazon.com in early 2018.


If you would like to receive the book launch announcements by email,

please contact me by email or 805-687-1716.




Jeff Doubet





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