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Designer advice and recommended inspirational books for a more fulfilling and creative life


Artists, Designers and Creative types... Looking for meaningful advice for creating a successful career in design, but also in your life?

I want to share with you some excellent books that you may have not considered before. They are available directly from Amazon.com

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Top Designer advice and recommended best selling books of all time


The most rewarding aspects of my design career did not begin to reveal themselves until I began to discover the deeper meanings of the creative process.

Truths began to surface when I started to question my motives for wanting to expand my ambitious plans as a creative person... and also generally just seeking answers to why I am made the way that I am.

I believe the truths I am discovering can apply to everyone, not just artists, designers and creative types like you and me.

I have began to enjoy the process of creating things for my clients and am beginning to feel more comfortable in my own skin, as I have learned that God makes each and every one of us special.



These three Best Selling books have made a tremendous difference in my life.


Top Designer Advice and Recommended Best Selling Books of all time As you can see in the large image above, I write in, and mark up my Bible.

It is full of inspirational scripture verses that are uplifting. I never realized that they were buried in the "Good Book". I just had to open it to begin discovering real life answers to my modern questions.

The Life Application Study Bible version (LEFT) has words of encouragement as well as other helpful reference info that directs readers to other parts of the Bible which lead us to other words of wisdom.

Coincidentally, the New International Version of the Bible is the most popular Modern English Bible, so it is worth checking out.



Most popular Bible and most popular devotional book in EnglishFor example:

A screen shot of Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight".

This simple verse has always stood out to me with it's comforting message.

It has become a "Life Verse"... something I refer back to, often as it can be applied to almost any situation I am going through.

This famous bible passage encourages us with Hope and reminds us that God has our best interests in mind.

He desires that we are content with who we are, and the life we live- but that authentic fulfillment can only be granted when we have a sincere desire to get to know Him as our Creator, and as we reach out in prayer to ask Him for guidance.





My Utmost for His Highest book link for Top Designer advice and recommended reading of best seller books on the marketI also read, and continue to be inspired by My Utmost for His Highest for about a decade now.

According to Wikipedia, it is a Devotional Book written in over 39 languages and is considered to be one of the most popular religious books ever written.

The cover design has changed since I bought my copy, but it has daily bits of wisdom, backed up by bible verses that really help a person understand the depths of God's Love for each of us.

Reading it has helped me see how God works things out for my own good... through the trials of life- He provides His unconditional love. I just need to accept His gift.



Top Designer Pick, recommended reading for inspirational contextAnother great book I discovered recently. As a creative Artist and Designer, I can get caught up in what I am doing and the projects I am involved with.

If left unchecked, a self focused life can take over, and the joy of living is squelched.

Francois de Salignac de La Mothe Fenelon (Fenelon, for short) was born in 1651, over 363 years ago. He wrote profound things back then, which are even more relevant for designers and creative types- today. His writings were recently translated to modern English- and each snippet is an account of how self focused thinking generally kills the purer form of life that we can each enjoy if we put less emphasis on ourselves.




No biblical references in the book. It has had a profound affect on how I see myself in relation to the Creator.


Although my sole purpose for creating this page is to be a gentle form of encouragement to you... I want you to know that as an Amazon.com affiliate, I will receive a small commission on purchases that you make directly at Amazon.




The Meaning of Life, a self portraitQuestioning the Meaning of Life:

A few years ago, I created this Self Portrait as a class assignment in a local Photoshop Class.

I believe it is a metaphor for my life as an artist and designer. I am sharing it with you as an encouraging message of Hope.

The stormy skies and howling wolf represent the angst, frustration and self determination that I have struggled with during my life as an Artist, Designer and Entreprenuer.

The lamb represents the innocent side to my heart and my mind, as well as the life God wants for me.

Often, the wolf and the lamb are at odds... a struggle between selfish ambition (wolf) and a desire to live a life of peace and find a sincere relationship with my Creator (lamb).

That juxtaposition of competing emotions binds and imprisons my heart and mind.

The bright sun permeating out of the center of my face represents the energy and power of God within my soul.

If I allow Him to be in full control, the Bible promises me that His Spirit will fully light my path and guide me toward the path that will be most satisfying for the unique individual that He created me to be.



I encourage you to consider this for yourself, as well... as you continue to seek the authentic Truth for your life.

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