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Homes of Hope: Mexico Team 2014


Homes of Hope 2014 Ventura Santa Barbara Team


Building Hope in the Lives of Others:

In September 2014 I was invited to join a special team to travel to the border of Mexico... and help build a new home for a family in need.


A good friend, and local General Contractor sponsored the build- and this is the team he assembled.


Many of us reunited for another project in June 2015, so please check out the project highlights of that trip, as well.




Celebrating a 25 year Anniversary - Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Homes of Hope program is organized to help less fortunate folks improve their lives- by providing them with a new home.

Typically, a brand new home is constructed with a family, during a long weekend of teamwork.



Homes of Hope 2014 Before Photos


For our 2014 Project in Mexico:


LEFT: the "Before" project site- with the existing home in the foreground.


Money is raised for the complete construction of the new home- so there is no cost to the needy family.




Homes of Hope 2014 After photos





In our case, the General Contractor organized and raised the funds for purchasing the building materials...


and a Top Producer Santa Barbara Realtor contributed funds for the kitchen and furniture upgrade package.



Philanthropic General Contractors in Santa Barbara California





Upper RIGHT: The modest new home our team was able to build this young new family.





God Works in Mysterious Ways:


Santa Barbara General Contractors and Home Designers philanthropic projects



For several years I have been praying for clients, projects, and those I am to work with.


At mid-life, I have been pondering how I want to spend my time in the upcoming chapters of it.


Working with men of integrity, and seeking hearts and open minds to how God can work in our lives is now a priority, and has proven to be very rewarding...individually, and as a team.






Philanthropic General Contractors, Real Estate Investors and Home Designer in Santa Barbara and Montecito California



Brothers of another Mother... and the same Heavenly Father-

We know our faults and areas that need work... but friends you can trust is important.

It's not about being perfect- but rather being available to encourage and grow together as contributing members of society.




In town... we have been working on several local, Montecito "Flips"- Our small group of General Contractors, Investor and Designer was first encouraged to participate in the Homes of Hope 2014 Mission Trip, on this job.




Mission Trip 2014 Santa Barbara General Contractors, Investors, Realtors, Designers


It turned out to be an incredible, life-changing trip for all who participated-


And upon our return, I was asked to write a brief testimony of how it impacted my life... sharing some thoughts with the many generous people that supported the project.


Below is that note penned on 10/18/14...

and 8 months later, I created this page to help illustrate it- with project photos.







Homes of Hope YWAM campus fountain photos


"Un-Forfeited Blessings"

Bigs asked me to write a small testimony about what I got out of the Mexico trip last month.

He caught me at a bad time…

I had some tight deadlines with clients. 

At first I wanted to pluck quick thoughts…

Something simple and from my heart, and I could then check that request box, as "done".




roads of Mexico



Maybe I would have written about that first 30 seconds as our team rounded the corner of the bumpy dirt road,





Homes of Hope happy families


seeing the entire family standing out front, waiting for us....


Beaming smiles, and with a look of gratitude that this day was not just a dream-

they were really going to be blessed with a new home.



Homes of Hope YWAM Mexico projects









Within minutes, I knew that giving a little bit of my free time to help a needy family would change my heart for a lifetime. 









Homes of Hope 2014 painting projects photo



Experiencing the family working side-by-side with us was great. 


Little joys throughout the weekend…


Seeing Wendy, the little girl laugh, run and invite her friends to help her paint.





Homes of Hope Mexico Trip 2014




Homes of Hope Mexico team work 2014









The mom and sister tag-teaming it, as they rolled paint on those fresh sheets of drywall-





Homes of Hope in Mexico portraits






The dad who couldn't wipe the smile off his face as he feverishly worked throughout the weekend.


They each were building their new house alongside us.





Mexico Homes of Hope 2014 Team


But the biggest thing I am grateful for are the blessings I did not forfeit that weekend. 

I believe in "God Nudges"…

 Sometimes they are blunt, and are heavy in the gut.


But most of the time they are soft whispers we push aside.






Homes of Hope project photos




This trip renewed the sense of joy I have in pursuing my God Nudges.


They require slowdown.  







YWAM Homes of Hope for Families in need



I am learning that God does not flood us with blessings if we are not even interested in what He is trying to say, do or accomplish in our life.









Christian General Contractors in the Santa Barbara, Montecito California area photos



I believe that God has a beautiful life for each of us.



We are each unique and special, and He has wonderful plans-

but we must first humbly desire, and then ask Him to help us see what He sees.



The gifts He has individually given us are ultimately for His own good pleasure and Glory.






Homes of Hope Mexico 2014 team



He wants to see each of his children experience joy, peace and contentment.


I often forfeit those blessings by pursuing my own agendas. 


I get sidetracked by the busyness of my life. 


I don't take time to settle down and ask God what He is trying to say in any given stress, frustration or difficulty.






YWAM Mexico facilities photos



Originally I did not want to go on this trip.


I had lots of excuses for why not to do it. 


But that small quiet voice nudged me to step out of my comfort zone.








Christian General Contractors and Philanthropists Santa Barbara and Montecito California




In retrospect, I wonder who has been praying for me.


We pray for those we love, and we ask God to help our brothers and sisters. 








Homes of Hope highlights 2014 Mexico



God places those breadcrumb Nudges into our hearts in order to try to encourage us to listen and trust Him…


it is where true peace, joy and contentment flows.


Jeff Doubet 10/18/14






Please scroll down to see some of our Project Photo highlights:


Homes of Hope Mexico 2014 painting



Painting Crews getting started...


Much of the house components are painted BEFORE the construction begins.


It is how so many team members can contribute in a big way, and in a short amount of time.






Homes of Hope framing house photo




While painting crews are busy...

A framing crew begins building the first wall.










homes of hope mexico framing team




There are several smaller teams within the Team.

Here, walls continue to be framed and made sure to be level...










Homes of Hope Teams building houses in Mexico






One of our strongest teams...

building the gable ends and the many roof trusses that they hand-made on the premises.










Mexico missions trip photos






The kids, mom, sister and our team pre-painted the drywall sheets that are now being brought in.











Homes of Hope kitchen






A brand new gas range was a generous donation by one of the many supporters of this project.










Homes of Hope furniture packages for families







New bunk beds for the kids were also purchased for the family.


Here, team members are outfitting them with new bedding, donated by generous supporters.











homes of hope interior furniture package


A new dining table with chairs, and dinnerware... also part of the "Furniture Package".


When enough financial support can be raised, the family is blessed with these "Extras".


It is heart-warming to know that we can provide a family in need with these basics- and yet they view them as an overwhelming, extravagant blessing.




Homes of Hope food package




Homes of Hope food package delivery














Food packages delivery Homes of Hope






Bringing in food supplies...


Money is raised so that we can provide the family with several months of food- to give them a helping hand.


It is a unique program, in that the Homes of Hope organization compassionately allows the family to shop for what they would like- and choose things that are their greatest need.







Handing keys to family, Homes of Hope Mexico



This shot is extra special to me.

Answering the door for the first time!


It is a ceremonial, first visitor door knock...

with the proud dad, receiving his keys as a new home owner.

It felt good to see a simple new door with lock, be such a blessing to this family.


They had previously had an old sheet nailed to the opening of their wood pallet makeshift shelter.

Although the sheet provided privacy, it did not keep them safe at night.






Happy families Homes of Hope






Wendy, the little girl... with a wide range of emotions this special day.

The team and our supporters helped provide this family with a clean new and weatherproof home that they can now feel safe and secure.











A grateful family... and a very meaningful day for all of us.










Mexico Missions Homes of Hope photos




A snapshot of the Shopping Spree provided by the many generous contributors to this project.


Thank You for your support!

Together, we are tag teaming our gifts and talents...

changing lives and making an impact,

one family at a time.






Homes of Hope Mexico Team 2014




Homes of Hope: Mexico Team 2015


If you have time, I encourage you to click the link above to see that project, now.






Fundraising for Good Causes: Montecito, Santa Barbara, Ventura California


Upcoming Homes of Hope Missions Trips to Mexico are currently being organized.


If you would like to donate funds for one of these new projects- there are fundraising efforts being made for new home construction materials, furniture packages and family shopping trips to their local grocery store...

Our local team is participating in the YWAM "Homes of Hope" program, and are very grateful for any help that you might be able to provide.

Please email me for more information, and I can put you in touch with those that will guide you in the tax deductible contribution "next steps".


Thank you in advance for your interest.


Jeff Doubet

Philanthropic organizations of good causes in Montecito California and Santa Barbara California



If you have enjoyed this page, and some of the uplifting ideas that have been included within it...


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In our fast paced world, we each seek authentic ideas that will resonate truth within our hearts, minds and souls.


Life is too short to miss out on real joy, happiness and contentment...

I hope you have the time to check it out!








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