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Improving Montecito properties: Spanish style home and landscape designs


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Looking for Spanish style home designs? Need a hand-drawn rendering for your next project?

Purchasing a quality Montecito CA fixer home and transforming it into an estate quality property continues to be a dream for many.


Jeff Doubet is completing the final edits of a 240 page full color coffee table book that will be available directly on Amazon in early 2018.


Please check back for final title and direct link.




Montecito California real estate ideas for fixer upper estates



For about 14 years now, I have been helping Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch clients "see the potential" in their fixer properties.






best montecito california real estate pocket listings for fixer upper estates and properties images and photos


This "BEFORE" project is located in a sweet and wonderful Montecito neighborhood...

one of those last remaining nooks where the new generation of Designers + Artisans has a chance to build upon the magic and the storied architectural history of our area.




Santa Barbara Home Designer specializing in Old World Detailing


Santa Barbara Designer Jeff Doubet in historic Seville, Spain photo



Hi, my name is Jeff Doubet, a local Santa Barbara home designe who specializes in Spanish style designs.


I appreciate authentic Spanish Architecture, and the special Montecito and Santa Barbara homes that were uniquely designed and built back in the 1920s and 30s.


I am particularly drawn to designing "Homes with Charm"...


and have a design philosophy of artfully crafting new compositions using tried and true- authentic materials and techniques.





Streets of Spain ideas for Santa Barbara architecture, photos and images from historic Seville, Spain





I captured these images while a friend of mine and I explored various streets and towns in Spain-















As other travel lovers will attest- there is something very special about walking the same streets that earlier designers and architects also admired.





Weaving bits of History in to the Future...



Montecito Home designs, sketches and renderings in the George Washington Smith style


In this original Jeff Doubet Concept Design proposal...


A new accessory structure, a modest "Greeting" Tower, and a pass-through gated entrance: Old World details that are reminiscent of simple, historic Montecito homes.




Classic Montecito Spanish Style homes designs, drawings, renderings by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet California


A renovation proposal for a fixer upper in Montecito California.

This project is better represented in the coffee table book that is in it's final edits.


Please check back in early 2018 for final title and direct link on Amazon.




Best Montecito fixer properties on nice neighborhood properties photo

This Montecito home has great potential!

Please call Jeff Doubet @ (805) 687-1716

for an affordable Initial Consultation

to discuss how we might work together to realize a dream.





Santa Barbara Home Designer: Your resource for quality, original Spanish Home designs.



historic inspired spanish revival home designs, renderings, sketches, drawings by Jeff Doubet, Santa Barbara Home Designer


Local Santa Barbara Designer Jeff Doubet is a specialist in Spanish Revival Designs.

Whether you are contemplating a remodel, or wish to design a new home...

I am available to help you create an original design that will stand the test of time.





Quality designs for Spanish style homes

From Concept Design (Above)...

to Construction (Left):

It is rewarding for both the client and designer to see a vision come to life.

Design Collaboration included careful planning and use of classic Santa Barbara colors, finishes and details.





Santa Barbara spanish style architecture drawings, renderings, sketches and photos

The couple had just sold a Malibu beach house and were now seeking a designer to help them design their Santa Barbara style home on a 5 acre parcel they had recently purchased.

I enjoyed helping them with the creative design ideas and then seeing them run with next steps with their team for technical planning, permitting and construction.





Santa Barbara Spanish Style house construction photos

Based on their wish list, I help develop a conceptual floor plan that would meet their needs and then developed the exterior elevations for it.

I also developed the landscape design for the U-shaped Entry Courtyard, and the immediate areas adjacent to motorcourt etc.



Check back often, as I will soon be announcing the availability of my new coffee table book in early 2018...

800+ photos and 220+ original design rendering. I also feature completed photos of this newly constructed Santa Barbara style Spanish Revival custom home and landscape.



Historic Spanish Revival Architectural Styling in Santa Barbara



historic spanish revival architectural style drawings, etchings and renderings in Santa Barbara California

Santa Barbara California has a rich heritage in Spanish Colonial Revival architecture... influenced by the country of Spain.


RIGHT: I was commissioned to re-design the landscaping and some aesthetic and romantic upgrades to this boutique hotel.






historic Spanish Colonial Revival architecture in Santa Barbara California photos and images


This Boutique Hotel in Santa Barbara is being refined with an additional layer of classic details.

The 4 year drought has taken a toll on the grass and landscape.

Above, I propose authentic Santa Barbara sandstone walls, drought tolerant plantings, and the architectural jewelry that will bring more charm to the streetscape.




If you are a hotelier or Santa Barbara commercial property owner looking for quality, artistic ideas to improve your building and landscape... I enjoy designing public spaces in the Old World "Streets of Spain" styling. I look forward to hearing from you. Jeff Doubet (805) 687-1716


Honoring the Spirit of what George Washington Smith started 100 years ago



George Washington Smith style renderings, sketches, drawings for home remodels in Montecito and Santa Barbara California

George Washington Smith broke new ground by introducing Classic, Historic Spain in to the beautiful homes and landscapes he designed in Montecito California, and beyond.

I am an admirer of his artistic eye, and how he incorporated many of these authentic Spanish materials and architectural details.

His push for a Timeless Aesthetic, has become an important part of our architectural history.




George Washington Smith architect homes for sale images photos in California Montecito Santa BarbaraWith this appreciation: It was a pleasure helping a client in escrow plan sensitive ways to expand this historic GW Smith home: new 3 car garage, outdoor patio area and new fireplace. The thoughts on how to embellish the large front yard never materialized.

After this design commission, the deal fell out of escrow. The fortunate buyer did a great job restoring this home, and it is back on the market! See incredible video now.



In the meantime, I have gone on to design several other projects for the Top Producer listing Agent of this Classic George Washington Smith home in Montecito. Please contact me if you are interested in the pocket listing. Set amongst classic 1930's Santa Barbara Spanish homes... it is just 4 homes from the El Encanto Hotel.




Redesigning Montecito Fixers into beautiful Spanish style homes:


Spanish Revival style home renderings, sketches, etchings in California Santa Barbara Montecito

A Conceptual Design Rendering for a Spanish Revival home on San Ysidro Lane in Montecito.

This client is an admirer of the work of Wallace Neff, and requested that I develop ideas to upgrade their home with Old World Spanish style detailing, and a new 2-story addition.

Upstairs... His + Her offices and a yoga studio in which to enjoy the Pacific Ocean views.




Montecito California Fixer Upper estates and properties for sale, photos images information


The home is nestled amongst a variety of old world Spanish estates, so it was important to push the current, non-descript architecture towards something special.


This design concept focuses on minimal changes to west side of the house, with the bulk of the changes to the East, where the 2 story addition is conceptually proposed.






Montecito Property: Spanish style landscaping ideas to improve your estate.



Montecito California estates landscape design, designers, renderings, sketches, etchings in Spanish style

Transforming Montecito property with quality landscape design ideas starts with a visual sketch of your thoughts and ideas.

I helped this young Montecito couple put their dreams onto paper... A new Spanish structure with a covered outdoor kitchen.

A beautiful new pool will be built where the fountain is drawn, once the 5 year drought subsides.




Montecito homes and land with large properties, images and photos

Per my client's request...

I also designed an outdoor dining area with new pizza oven on the upper patio area.


A sandstone wall compliments the existing firepit and a few wide steps lead down to the new proposed cabana.





Modern Spanish Style Home and Landscape Designs



Modern Spanish Revival Home Designs and landscape renderings, sketches in California Santa Barbara

The clean lines of this Modern Spanish Style home design in Santa Barbara California is the work of another Home Designer and colleague Steve Morando.

Steve and his Developer client commissioned me to do this perspective rendering and the drought tolerant landscape design for presentations to surrounding neighbors, as well as the SB Architectural Board of Review.




montecito california pool cabana designs and renderings by Santa Barbara Home Designer


Specializing in home and landscape designs that have an old world look and feel to them...


I continue to enjoy carrying on the time-honored traditions of home design by creating romantically hand drawn conceptual design renderings and sketches.


LEFT: A design concept for a Pool Cabana for a beautiful home on San Ysidro Lane, Montecito.






Original Home Designs... Homes With Souls, by Jeff Doubet




Check back often! I am adding to this website regularly...

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Thank You for taking the time to look at just a sampling of my work with other local Montecito and Santa Barbara clients.




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I am always meeting and working with new and like minded clients, seeking to design something special. I look forward to hearing from you.




Jeff Doubet


*All drawings, sketches, photos and ideas on this page / website are copyrighted by Jeff Doubet. The hand drawn illlustrations and many of the photos are being developed in to a much larger body of work...

A Coffee Table book! 880+ photos and 220+ Spanish style home designs. Please check back the first part of 2018 for the final title and direct link on Amazon.

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