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Looking for a local Interior Designer specializing in Santa Barbara styling? Seek interior design ideas and remodeling resources to build them?


Graceful arches, art niches, Old World plaster, barrel ceilings, wrought iron window grilles, railings, decorative plaster grilles, wide plank oak floors...


My name is Jeff Doubet - a local home design consultant that advises clients on how these elements are created.


Consulting Services include introductions to a wide range of independent, talented teams that can assist in next steps.



Montecito CA Interior Design photos



There is a renaissance in Santa Barbara architectural craft:


And I enjoy helping my clients design these romantic Spanish architectural details throughout their Santa Barbara and Montecito homes.







If you looking for quality advice on potential next steps for your project...

please give me a call to schedule an affordable Initial Consultation





Montecito, Santa Barbara Interior Designer collaborates with local General Contractors + Artisans


I have long standing relationships with a dozen or so independent General Contractors in town.

Architects, Structural Engineers, General Contractor, Sub-Contractor and Artisan trades... The combo of the talented teams will vary depending on the type of project you envision.

I am available via affordable Initial Consultations to help you navigate the various choices.


Best Resources for creating Santa Barbara Style Homes



There is a wide variety of local independent Artisans that are carrying on this craft.

Santa Barbara Home Design Consultant Jeff Doubet is well connected with a wide range of talented, independent General Contractors and Artisans within the Montecito and Santa Barbara community.


Here, a favorite General Contractor team installs a fluted plaster detail above a window... reminiscent of George Washington Smith's style






ABOVE: Taking a break from the drawing board... I enjoy the occassional, hands-on Art Direction for decorative, architectural elements. I apply a patina to the copper lightning rod that was incorporated in to this Spanish Montecito Flip... a project that was developed by an independent real estate investor.






Affectionately named "Bird Cage" by the Artisans putting finishing touches on it...


I designed this unique and special decorative element- a spanish style see through niche that has a look and feel of Old Spain.

I help clients with the design vision and can also introduce them to the talented local independent trades.




Designing Quality Montecito and Santa Barbara Homes



Montecito home designers and stone house photos


This Montecito stone farmhouse was designed by local Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet.


The owners of the San Ysidro Road 5 acre parcel were looking for a design that would tie in to the rural nature of their lot.


I was inspired by local historic structures such as those at the San Ysidro Ranch.








LEFT: An Artisan crafting details inside the new Stone Farmhouse.


The round window alcove was a design splurge... I am grateful the homeowner invested in creating it.


I work with home owner General Contractor's and trades to make these types of details, just right.


Authentic, integral color plaster was used throughout interior and exterior walls.







Designing Classic Santa Barbara Style Homes:



Small quality homes in Montecito and Santa Barbara photo


Santa Barbara home designer and Jeff Doubet enjoys a wide range of different project assignments from clients.


Each share a desire to create unique details classic to local architecture.


LEFT: a small Santa Barbara Spanish style home.







Spanish Revival Mailbox Santa Barbara

A custom Spanish Style mailbox for Casa Corazon.

I art direct the installation of the Spanish Revival Design Elements of talavera tile and Iron Cross.


Talavera Tile is used in many Santa Barbara Style Homes.

Designers and Architects specify it for stair risers, fireplace surrounds, kitchens and bath...

Click to see pricing and resource for this specific tile Tile for Spanish Style Mailboxes




Decorative Plaster Grilles for Spanish Revival Homes, photos, images, resources at Santa Barbara Home Designer website


Home Designer Jeff Doubet enjoys carrying on time honored traditions in creating unique home designs based on materials and techniques inspired from the Old Country... Spain.







Montecito Santa Barbara Interior Design specialist in Spanish Style photos


California home designers specializing in Spanish Revival interior design detailing photos



ABOVE: I work with the homeowner's Artisan team to refine a mock up for what would become the old world plaster finish for the spanish ceiling panels and decorative vents throughout the house.

I love sculpting, and it is hard for me to not take a moment to put my finger on the organic materials of these decorative finishes when art directing and consulting the details of a special client project.




Spanish Revival Interior design with authentic plaster Grilles

As a Designer specializing in historic spanish home detailing... I enjoy the Artisanal Craft of creating Spanish style homes.


Interior plaster grilles add distinctive detail to Spanish Revival Interior Design.




Online Store for Decorative Grilles, air vent covers and artistic designs in Registers for Spanish Homes



New! Online Store for the Decorative Spanish Grille Collection

Please have a quick looksee for for all of your Register + Vent needs.







Scroll to see more authentic Spanish style details designed and created in Montecito, Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara homes.




plaster wall medallions fresh new Spanish Revival designs by Jeff Doubet
















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Spanish_Home_Detailing_Santa_BarbaraMoorish Lighting Santa BarbaraSpanish_Architecture_in_Santa_Barbara




Spanish style kitchen design ideas, designers and consultants








Spanish Revival GrillesHouses Santa Barbara DesignersSpanish Revival House Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Designers House




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Santa_Barbara_Style_Plaster_Grilles_Biltmore_Hotel_Design I enjoy being a hands-on Art Director, Interior Designer and Home Design Consultant.


I advise my clients on how to achieve the authentic quality detailing in their Montecito, Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara homes.


LEFT: Jeff art directs the Old World Plaster finish that will be applied to the interior walls and this new, historically inspired grille. This grille design was originally created for the Biltmore Hotel, by architect Reginald D Johnson.



First incorporated in to the grand Santa Barbara and Montecito Spanish Revival Estates and Hotels of the 1920s and 30s, these grilles make for great conversation pieces in new Spanish Home renovations.

The 2 inch thick, authentic plaster grilles are available in a variety of different designs and sizes. If you have a local Montecito, Hope Ranch or Santa Barbara California home and would like to schedule an affordable consultation, please contact me.





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Jeff Doubet


All drawings, sketches, photos and ideas on this website are copyrighted by Jeff Doubet. The hand drawn illlustrations and many of the photos are being developed in to a much larger body of work...

A Coffee Table book! I am in the final edit stage... please check back in early 2018 for the final title and direct link on Amazon.

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