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A Santa Barbara Renaissance in Architectural Craft:

Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet is passionate about helping clients design romantic Spanish architectural elements and detailing throughout their Santa Barbara and Montecito homes and estates.

Graceful arches, corbeled niches, Old World plaster, barrel ceilings, wrought iron window grilles, railings and balconies, spanish tile fountains, decorative plaster grilles- Tecate floors... these are quintessential Santa Barbara style home design elements that make Santa Barbara architecture so unique and charming.



Santa Barbara Designers + Artisans specializing in Santa Barbara Style Homes


Soulful Inspiration:

The most admired Spanish Revival and Santa Barbara style homes and estates often possess a unique personality created by passionate individuals with an Eye for Detail and a solid understanding of classic Spanish naterials and building techniques.

These Designers and Artisans create new classics using authentic and time tested materials and they also enjoy incorporating local Santa Barbara architectural salvage elements...

Designer Jeff Doubet is well connected with the many independent artisans, local Atelier's and architectural salvage yards that have great pieces that can be built in to your project.



Santa Barbara Designer Jeff Doubet

With each Generation, there are Santa Barbaran's that Answer the Call.

For over 100 years, Santa Barbara has been blessed with an abundance of talented architects, home designers, Artisan, General Contractor, and supporting Building Trades.


These individuals stand out... primarily for their artistic sensibilities.

They have an ability to create and implement original and classic design concepts, often combining them for new interpretations of Classic California and Santa Barbara style architectural detailing.

Collaborating with equally enthusiastic clients, they are creating next generation of Classic Santa Barbara Style Homes.


If you would like to discuss your next project, please contact Jeff Doubet to schedule an Affordable Initial Consultation




Jeff Doubet is a hands on Santa Barbara Home Designer.

He enjoys working with the various local, independent trades.

Here, Jeff meets with a Real Estate Investor's General Contractor team...

discussing decorative spanish elements that will transform a Montecito fixer in to a classic Spanish home.








Jeff is well connected within the Montecito and Santa Barbara community with regard to talented General Contractors and Artisans of the Spanish Style Craft.

Here, a General Contractor team installs a fluted plaster detail above a window... reminiscent of the George Washington Smith era of interior design architecture.

I have a list of about a dozen General Contractors I like working with, and would be happy to introduce you to the individual teams that have created the projects on this website.

Please call if you would like to schedule an Affordable Initial Consultation.




Designer Jeff Doubet enjoys some of the hands on Art Direction for decorative, architectural elements he custom designs for Montecito, Santa Barbara and Hope Ranch clients. ABOVE: Jeff applies a patina wash to the solid copper lightning rod for this Montecito investor "Flip".



LEFT: Affectionately named the "Bird Cage" by the Artisan putting the finishing touches on this custom niche. Jeff Doubet conceptually designs these spanish style elements and sends his sketches and dimensions to an independent fabricator whom he has been working with for nearly a decade.

This one-of-a-kind decorative architectural feature was a focal point inside the Montecito Spanish Fixer that was purchased as a "Flip".

Jeff has quality relationships with over a dozen local Montecito and Santa Barbara realtors who have clients seeking design ideas for fixers that they are considering purchasing, or have bought.

This project was for an out of town Real Estate Investor who works with a well known, high producer realtor in town. This is one of a multitude of projects where I have contributed Conceptual Design ideas for their projects.



Are you a Real Estate Investor, Realtor, home buyer or home owner looking for a well connected local Santa Barbara consultant?

I have a hybrid Rolodex of folks I have been working with with on these types of projects. Independent recommendations for Santa Barbara Architects, Structural Engineers, General Contractors and the support Trades...

Artisans, Stone Masons, Landscape installers... I can help you with creative design solutions that will help you increase the potential value of the fixer home and landscape, as well as provide you various options for teams that can see your project through.


At right, a General Contractor I enjoy working with, and would be happy to introduce to you. Contact Jeff Doubet



Santa_Barbara_Stone_Mason Santa_Barbara_Sandstone

For new Montecito Old World Homstead Estate on 5 acres) Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet proposed Sanstone wainscoting and walls.. reminiscent of historic structures such as those at the San Ysidro Ranch.



Check back often. I will be posting completed photos for this stone farm house.










At left, one of the many Artisans and specialists that crafting the authentic, integral color interior plaster inside the Stone Farmhouse.


Here, the finishing touches of a Jeff Doubet designed, round window alcove located in one of the Bathrooms.


Jeff worked closely with the home owner's General Contractor and sub contractor trades to get the details just right.





Spanish Revival Mailbox Santa Barbara

Designing + Building Classic Santa Barbara Style Homes:


Here, Designer Jeff Doubet collaborates with the Home owner / Builder and an independent Artisan crew who were implementing the artistic Spanish Revival Design Elements to this custom Spanish Mailbox.


I enjoy designing and Art Directing these types of projects, as they make a home and property have higher perceived value and are works of art.




Santa Barbara Style Talavera Tile Online Store


Talavera Tile is used as a Classic Accent Tile in many Santa Barbara Style Homes.

Designers and Architects specify it for stair risers, fireplace surrounds, mailboxes, kitchen and bath...

Jeff specified this particular tile for the Spanish Mailbox, above




How to choose a Santa Barbara Architect or Home Designer.

Spanish Design Build Santa Barbara CA

The highest in demand Santa Barbara Architects and Home Designers are those that have a special skill set.

They all seem to have a natural ability to combine their creativity, knowledge and independent contractor and Artisan resources to help clients reach their goals.


They are also excellent communicators, with an ability to develop client wish list items into quality design ideas.

These are expressed verbally, as well as with renderings, floor plans, napkin sketches etc.


Jeff works closely with the Home Owner Builder or Home Owner's Contractor, Sub Contractors, Trades and Artisans to implement great design concepts.






Santa Barbara Style Home Designers

A Top Designer has the consistent ability to inspire the Santa Barbara General Contractor and Independent Talented Artisans to create their best work.



This is done with respect, charisma, and a good dose of people skills-

and is the essence of Team Building.





Old World Fireplaces Design by Doubet Old World Plastering Santa Barbara CA






Spanish Garden Arch Santa Barbara


Jeff Doubet is your Santa Barbara Home Designer


Jeff Doubet has an artistic eye, with a design background that also includes knowledge in how Santa Barbara Style homes are constructed.

Combined with excellent communication and drawing skills... he is a solid candidate to consider when assembling a team for planning your upcoming Santa Barbara Home.

Jeff works side by side with a wide range of independent General Contractors, Trades and Artisans to help his clients develop their project as they have envisioned it.




plaster wall medallions fresh new Spanish Revival designs by Jeff Doubet

Please peruse Jeff Doubet Hand Drawn Renderings and project Before/After photos.


To schedule an Affordable Initial Consultation please call Jeff @ 805-687-1716 or email Jeff Doubet


If you desire to create a Santa Barbara Style Home with character- Jeff is a valuable local resource. His knowledge and resources are diverse...

LEFT: Jeff created an original design for a "Lotus" wall medallion that was installed over a Master Bedroom Fireplace.






Jeff regularly advises his clients on the availability of 2 inch thick, authentic plaster grilles... in a variety of different designs.

First incorporated in to the grand Santa Barbara and Montecito Spanish Revival Estates and Hotels of the 1920s and 30s, they now make for great conversation pieces in new Spanish Home renovations.

RIGHT: Jeff art directs / touches up the Old World Plaster finish to a new, historically inspired grille. This grille design was originally created for the Biltmore Hotel, by architect Reginald D Johnson.




Jeff Doubet is your local guide for quintessential Santa Barbara Style Home Design and materials.


He is knowledgable of the many Independent Contractors and Artisans that specialize in the Santa Barbara Spanish style that so many investors, buyers and homeowners desire to achieve.

As an Artistic Designer with construction background, Jeff works closely with these homeowners and their general contractors, trades and artisans.


LEFT: Jeff collaborates with his client who was looking for Design Advice on classic Santa Barbara style tile for the backsplash of this Spanish Kitchen.



Spanish Revival Fireplace Design Specialist Jeff Doubet

As an Illustrator who is fond of the 1920's and 30's Masters...


Santa Barbara based Home Designer Jeff Doubet specializes in authentic Spanish Revival interior and exterior architectural details that make Santa Barbara homes have a feeling of a bygone era in California's early history of Spanish Architecture

RIGHT: a Jeff Doubet Interior Design concept proposal for a client Living Room.







ABOVE LEFT: The BEFORE Fireplace did not fit the classic Spanish Colonial Revival vernacular that the owners wanted. On RIGHT: The completed Santa Barbara Style Hood detailing with a hand forged iron firescreen. The project also included new, rough hewned beam corbels and a dark stained wood ceiling.


Custom Spanish Revival Fireplaces Santa Barbara CA

Jeff Doubet has a professional Rolodex of the best independent Santa Barbara Artisans and General Contractors who create authentic, classic Spanish Colonial Revival architectural elements.

Here, Artisans build the new cement fireplace hood and surround.







Classic Santa Barbara Style Fireplaces Classic Santa Barbara Fireplace Design by Jeff Doubet



Directly Below- Stone Artisans at work:


These Santa Barbara stone masons are handcrafting beautiful, authentic Sandstone walls from boulders harvested from the Hot Springs Road, Montecito California project site.

The Homeowner- a master gardener, hired Jeff Doubet as a hardscape designer and landscape illustrator.

On site design planning and sketching is an efficient way to collaborate with my clients.


It is also a practical and simple way to help the landscape and stone mason trades visualize the over all design of the project.




Modern Homes Santa Barbara CA



Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet enjoys a wide range of of clients that recognize his artistic visions.

These can be in the form of Modern, California Ranch, SB Cottage, Spanish Colonial Revival, Andalusian Farmhouse...

LEFT: A Modern pierced wall niche designed by Jeff Doubet.

Do you have a project that you would like some design consultation?

Feel free to call Jeff Doubet at 805-687-1716

or review Affordable Initial Consultation Services




RIGHT: A barrel ceiling and Moorish arch niche designed by Jeff Doubet














I hope you have time to peruse other pages of this website.

And please check back often: I am adding new Santa Barbara Home Design and Building tips each week.








Santa Barbara Family CrestsSpanish_Home_Detailing_Santa_BarbaraHand_Painted_Signs_Santa_Barbara_CAMoorish Lighting Santa Barbara





Spanish Revival GrillesHouses Santa Barbara DesignersSpanish Revival House Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Designers House


Do you have a Montecito, Santa Barbara or Hope Ranch home or estate that you would like help with?

Please call Santa Barbara Home Designer and Consultant Jeff Doubet for an Affordable Initial Consultation.



Jeff enjoys designing Cupolas in to his special projects.

They always add Character, and can be adapted to a variety of styles and structures.

LEFT a Jeff Doubet designed Custom Cupola for a Montecito Cottage "Flip" for a Real Estate Investor. The General Contractor that built it (shown) has also been installing these pre-built units, available Online at Amazon.com

Please give me a call if you would like to be introduced to this quality GC





Historic Smithsonian Design!


Direct Links to Online Resources for Montecito Estate Bird House



Santa Barbara Modern Homes

Visit the NEW Classic Santa Barbara Online Store for Home and Garden, Beach to Books, fashion, Santa Barbara Lifestyle Products. Scroll to top and click Main Menu Tab for Online Store


Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet enjoys receiving a wide range of Individual Client Wish Lists... Homestead Ranch Style, California Cottage, Classic Spanish Revival, Mediterranean- just some of the types of projects I enjoy working on.



Books about Influential Santa Barbara, California Architects

Mediterranean Architecture by local Santa Barbara Architect Jock Sewall- Review + Purchase this 5 Star, 432 page Source Book Now! directly from Amazon.com

It is one of my most recommended reference book for Santa Barbara style designing of Homes and also one of the Best Selling books on this website.



Photos and Book Resources for George Washington Smith Architect of Spanish Revival Style Architecture at Santa Barbara  Online Store


George Washington Smith Scrap Book,





George Washington Smith: Architect of the Spanish-Colonial Revival

Please click either thumbnail above, to purchase these books for yourself at Amazon.com

In 2007, Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet purchased these George Washington Smith Books to add to his personal Santa Barbara Style Home Design Library. Click links above to see his full reviews!



Wallace Neff





Looking for Spanish Style Home Floor Plans? CLICK THUMBNAILS to see a selection available directly from Amazon.

Partial book description ... From an early Cailfornia home in Coro de Caza, to a California Cottage on Balboa Pennisula, to an Old World Tuscan Adaptation in Rancho Santa Fe, this collection reveals some of the finest examples of what admiring critics are calling "The New California Tradition" in American housing. Partial book description... Mediterranean home plans collection,This Specially curated selection of Mediterranean plans includes ninety-five Andalusian, Tuscan, Italian, Spanish and Courtyard designs, all in the casually elegant style of Dan F. Sater, II, AIBD, where indoor spaces seamlessly merge with outdoor living areas, open layouts and wide rear views reign supreme, and no amenity is spared within the owners' quarters, Partial book description: Filled with stunning color photos, floor plans and site layouts, this book takes readers on an amazing tour of 23 new homes and 5 to-be-built projects featuring marvelous courtyards, patios, decks and other outdoor spaces. Published by the creators of the national bestseller, Tuscan & Andalusian Reflections, this new book is a "must-have" for consumers, home planners, builders, architects, interior designers or anyone who enjoys superb indoor and outdoor living.Partial book description... In this unmatched anthology of more than 65 unique floor plans, many with Tuscan and Andalusian influences, Dan F Sater takes the reader beyond all sterotypes and preconceptions to experience Mediterranean design in a new realm - one that delights, challenges and encourages the imagination.

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