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terra cotta floors


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George Washington Smith Mrs. G.H. Umbsen House

George Washington Smith Umbsen House Renovation

The Buyer in Escrow for this George W. Smith home commissioned Jeff Doubet to Design and Develop Concepts for expanding this home-

The goal: to give the investor a deeper insight in how the house and property could be further developed- all during the escrow process, and before any contingencies were released.



Because Concept Designs can be developed in a relatively short time, Santa Barbara Realtors, Developers and Real Estate Investors and Santa Barbara Home Buyers use Jeff Doubet's Design + Consulting Services during the escrow period to best assess their opportunities.




Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara Beautiful Award Winner


Award winning Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet:

Your One-Stop Resource for Designing Classic, and decorative Santa Barbara Architectural Elements:


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Copper leader heads


Copper gutter downspouts


George Washington Smith window grilles




Wood Distressing


Old World plaster

























































































































































































































































































Haciendas: Spanish Colonial Houses in the U.S. and Mexico by Linda Leigh Paul


Purchase the Haciendas Book that inspired many of the design cues for this Oceanfront Santa Barbara Hacienda Style Home.

Author Linda Leigh Paul has written a variety of beautiful coffee table books that will inspire you... from Haciendas to Cottages on the Coast.













View Prices for similiar styles of Hacienda Style Nickel Silver plated Tubs- Online Store Now















Project Designer Jeff Doubet

Jeff Silvey Contractor

David DeLorie Contractor
































































































Wrought Iron Gate Design + Fabrication/Installation Project Management by Designer Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara CA


Santa Barbara wrought iron designer


Wrought iron gates Santa Barbara




Jeff Doubet IllustratorAFFORDABLE Santa Barbara Designer

Inspired by Artistic Designers before him, Jeff Doubet is a studious observer of the Masters George Washington Smith (Casa Del Herrero), Stiles O. Clements (Adamson House) , Wallace Neff (Libby Ranch Estate) and William Mooser III (Santa Barbara County Courthouse)

In the 1920s and 1930s these Architects were known as being Artists... and when paired with unique and Equally Visionary Clients, were able to branch out creatively and develop signature architectural styles and projects.


Fast forward 75 years- Home Designer Jeff Doubet also appreciates the creativity that flourishes in Designer / Client Collaborations.


Design Collaboration with a client on the front end is a cost effective way to shape the overall vision for the entire project.


COMBINING Floor Plan, Interior + Exterior Elevations and Landscape Design... the goal is to develop an overall, comprehensive design that melds wish list ideas throughout the Home and Landscape.




In this 2013 photo: New Construction nears completion- An Old World Spanish Revival Barn designed by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet and built by the property owners General Contractor.

Spanish Revival Barn Design by Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara CA

The Jeff Doubet Design Rendering (above) was the Original Concept Sketch. This architectural rendering was utilized by the homeowner's architect to develop the working drawings and permit. The rendering was also used for Art Direction of Santa Barbara Style detailing of each of the design elements.


Developing Land in Santa Barbara CAWith careful Planning and Artistic attention to details... This Santa Barbara Style, Spanish Barn now fits naturally in to the European Countryside Aesthetic that the Owners have worked so hard to create onr their unique property.


Conceptual Designer Jeff Doubet suggested authentic and classic Santa Barbara style building materials for this Spanish Barn. The structure was built by an independent General Contractor, using Old World techniques and finishes.

Olive Farming in Santa Barbara CA

Over the years, this young family has established 14 Prime Acres in Santa Barbara California planting and cultivating a successful Organic Olive Ranch-


Below, prior to final coats of Old World Plaster... Conceptual Home Designer Jeff Doubet guides an independent Artisan as to the finish detailing for the Spanish Door hood detail designed for above the interior door surround of a deeply recessed Spanish Speakeasy / Entry Door to the Barn.



“Good work lives on” George Fox Steedman, owner: Casa Del Herrero



Photo from Spring 2013: Nearing Completion by Homeowner/Builder: A Spanish Style Pool Cabana conceptually designed by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet. For this 2 acre Santa Barbara Foothills parcel, the clients desired a Creative, "Focal Point" Structure... Old World Charm that would compliment the 6,700 sq. ft Main Residence, designed by Architect Henry Lenny

Santa Barbara pool cabana designs



At Right, a 3 story Spanish Colonial Revival Duplex on East Beach... Conceptually Designed by Jeff Doubet.

The homeowner worked with an independent Santa Barbara Architect, and General Contractor to further develop the conceptual floor plans and Exterior Elevations.

This client's original goal was to tear down an existing 1-story dilapitated home and build a new Spanish 3-story, Ocean View home

As an Illustrator and Santa Barbara Home Designer, I help you create an early Design Vision for your project





3 Story Spanish Revival Duplex Santa Barbara CA

Spanish_Revival_Designed_Homes_Santa_BarbaraThese Architectural Concept Renderings allow you to get a nice glimpse of the overall design of the finished project... especially before your architect begins developing architectural working drawings, structural engineering, and construction begins.

Working with a Designer at this stage allows you to participate in this creative stage and allows you the freedom to tweak and refine your Santa Barbara Home Design before it begins being developed in to a set of technical plans...

REFINING a home design in this Conceptual Stage is a worthwhile step- as changes can be more costly during the techical + structural engineering stages of a design project.



Santa Barbara estates by Jeff Doubet


Romantic Santa Barbara Home Designs
Spanish Revival Fireplace Santa Barbara



Jeff Doubet is a Santa Barbara Style Home Designer specializing in the romantic, decorative elements that make a house a home.


He has established relationships with a multitude of independent licensed Santa Barbara Architects, General Contractors, CAD Drafting Services, and Licensed Structural Engineers and often works with new teams that a client might be already working with.


Jeff brings an added value perspective to his client projects via his design consultations. He understands the nuances of Classic Santa Barbara Design + Building Materials and can help you art direct the various decorative elements and decisions that you may have to get advice on.



Spanish Fireplaces Santa Barbara








Casa Corazon by Jeff Doubet and Danny Vickers



Round Top Door Spanish Design Santa Barbara CALooking to add an architectural focal point such as a beautiful Spanish Round Top Door... or create a special room with lots of warm and inviting architectural detail and character?



Jeff Doubet is an Illlustrator and Home Designer who has been inspired and influenced by many varieties of Spanish Architecture during travels throughout the world.


The earliest exposure to this romantic style of architecture was when I was a teenager spending a summer in Guatemala participating in a Church Outreach Team with Teen Missions Intl. I was one of 30 teens that spent our summer helping to renovate a school in Jalapa, Guatemala.


Ever since, I have been mesmerized by Mediterranean and Spanish Architecture.


A recent trip to Spain was very memorable, and the South of France is another favorite region of mine, but another story. Generally I gravitate toward any kind of unique, Spanish Architecture!


Directly below: A commissioned design for a Montecito home redo... owners travel a lot and are inspired by many of the European influences.

St Tropez Estate by Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara CA


I continue to meet Special Clients into the Fall of 2014

Santa Barbara CA Landscape Design Consultants Santa Barbara continues to attract a nice influx of folks looking to create a new life in our beautiful city.

We indeed live in a special place, and I share my clients enthusiasm and a mutual desire to collaborate and design Santa Barbara's next generation of classic homes and landscapes.


I enjoy listening and interpreting client design goals and incorporating them in to a Design Concept.

Because I develop my preliminary concept designs in time honored "Hand Rendering" techniques... I can take client wish lists, photos, magazine clippings, and other collected reference materials- and integrate them into a creative and original home design.





Some clients desire time-tested, Historically accurate Architectural Elements.

Below, an authentic Santa Barbara Sandstone, Old World Farmhouse. Nestled into a 5 acre parcel on East Valley Road, the Home Owner Builder and his General Contractor and team or indivdual trades and artisans worked carefully with Jeff Doubet to craft a special home... one that might have been an original homestead, back in the day.




Montecito_Gates_CottagesJeff Doubet enjoys creative diversity in clients and project styles.

Directly Above/Left: Project recently completed. For this Montecito Cottage "ReDo", Jeff proposed a touch of French Country.

New gates, shutters and window boxes were antiqued for an old world effect.





Antano Estate by Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara Designer



Santa Barbara authentic Hacienda designed by Jeff Doubet



Directly Above + Below - A sneak peek at the Design of "El Sonido Del Mar" (The Sound of the Sea)

Perched on the edge of a prominent point of the Mesa Bluffs at Shoreline Drive, Santa Barbara CA-

This authentic Hacienda Style Santa Barbara oceanfront home was recently completed.

Here, the independent General Contractors Artisan team apply the final coat of Old World Plaster, complimenting Half Round Copper Gutters, Distressed Wood Rafter Tails, and a Rustic 2 piece Mission Tile roof.


Below, one of the Hacienda Style Home Concept Proposals and Rendering by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet.

Authentic Hacienda Style Santa Barbara Home

Jeff developed a number of different conceptual renderings for the exterior of this home and the homeowner and their General Contractor picked some of their favorite elements for incorporation in to the final design.



Hacienda_Style_Detailing_Santa_Barbara Working with the homeowner's Real Estate Agent as well as their General Contractor and Builder... Jeff Doubet listened to the homeowner's wishes to transform this tired and non-descript 1970's home in to an Authentic, Hacienda Style Santa Barbara Oceanfront home.






Above: The hand made and hand painted Marrakech shaped Terracotta tiles were suggested by Designer Jeff Doubet, but it was the Client's Vision for the handmade Copper and Nickel Silver Tub that really transformed this space into a World Class Bathroom. The General Contractor worked closely with the custom window manufacturer to develop Bronze clad Windows that slide into the extra thick walls- Open Air, Seaside Bathing at it's best!


Spanish Interior Design by Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara CA

The Independent Team of Builders and Interior Designers are taking the conceptual designs to the next level...



Here, the Talented General Contractors collaborate with Designer Jeff Doubet to create a classic, thick arched passage way and a beautiful and unique Corbeled Headboard Niche.



Jeff Doubet was on site this day, cutting a paper template that would later be used by the builder to cut the plywood for the corbels.







Santa Barbara Realtors + Home Buyers:

For over a decade, I have been helping local Santa Barbara and Montecito realtors and their clients see the potential in any given home.

The project (below) is an an example of how I have helped realtors help their potential buyers visualize a completed Construction Project.

Casa Ramona Montecito CA


Casa Ramona Estate Montecito CAThe Casa Ramona Rendering (directly above) was commissioned by Realtor Joe Parker of The Santa Barbara Group . Joe had the idea of creating additional marketing tools for a special Architect Builder Client he was working with.

His client had designed a beautiful Montecito Home, but it was in the very early stages of construction.

Joe Parker saw the opportunity to engage Jeff Doubet Services to develop a rendering of what "Casa Ramona" would look like after Construction was complete.




Casa Corazon under Construction in Montecito








Prior to doing any illustration work, Jeff Doubet, The Santa Barbara Group and the Architect/Developer all met at the Montecito Construction site. Construction documents and wish lists of classic Montecito architectural finishes, materials and landscape materials were discussed.



Casa Ramona Montecito ConstructionThese photographs show the early stage of construction, and what Architectural Illustrator Jeff Doubet used as the basis for the illustration.

The Casa Ramona Rendering was used in a variety of Marketing venues including The Santa Barbara Group website, the Santa Barbara MLS, and shared with Montecito Home Buyers.






Spanish Home on West Beach Santa Barbara CASometimes I am asked to contribute to projects where the homeowner has already contracted with a Santa Barbara Architect to develop the working drawings and other technical aspects of their development.

These clients seek an artistic eye for creative solutions, and I enjoy helping them incorporate wish list elements, and can easily be drawn in to a Conceptual Design

West Beach Spanish Revival Santa Barbara


Depending on the complexity of your specific project, I will help advise you on what steps you can take with Independent Technical, Architectural, Engineering, and/or Drafting Services... and which local teams will be best suited for your project and budget.


Directly Below: "Gallinero"- Learn more about this Jeff Doubet Concept Estate and 9.6 acre Site Plan offered for $3.9mil by Maurie McGuire of MontecitoLand.com

Gallinero Estate Santa Barbara CA

As a free-hand Illustrator and Home Designer, Jeff Doubet has the ability to draw detailed concept ideas... empowering his clients to describe and have a higher level of Creative Freedom when Collaborating and Developing a Custom Home, Landscape Design... or both.


The examples of Jeff Doubet's romantically Hand Drawn Renderings and Design Projects presented on this page are a Sampling of my Current Work.

Please schedule a Consultation to see more of my Original Design Concepts in Development, and Under Construction.

Also note, these Copyrighted Original Designs are being compiled with other Jeff Doubet work into a Coffee Table Book, to be Published in the near future. It will eventually be available at the Santa Barbara Public Library . and will be posted on my Online Store with these other fine books.

Please email me if you would like to purchase a copy of Volume 1, when it is available.

Also, feel free to give me a call to set up an initial consultation @ 805-687-1716 or email me at Jeff Doubet


Please enjoy the site, and check back often:

We are adding important California Style Homes and local Santa Barbara Home Design and Building tips each week.


Thanks to your countless compliments and words of encouragment... I am happy to report I am finally developing a quality Coffee Table Book of my work.
Please email me if you would like to be included on the Book Launch Announcement.

I have been enjoying the Professional Guidance and Coaching from one of the best in the industry: Veteran Book Designer Eric Larson. Looking to publish your own high quality book? contact Eric Larson

Book about Santa Barbara Courthouse

Click to see a 24 page example of Eric's quality work... or click on thumbnail above, to purchase the Book about the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, directly from Amazon.com




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Santa Barbara Gate Design and Fabrication









Del Rio Gravel Driveway Design Santa Barbara CA





























































































Completed in 2012: A brand new 3 Story Spanish Revival Duplex on East Beach, Santa Barbara CA.


























Spanish Colonial Revival


California Adobe

Santa Barbara Cottage

Montecito Cottage

California Bungalow

California Ranch

are some of the styles of homes in Santa Barbara.















Santa Barbara Spanish Design












Casa Corazon Tower Entry

Casa Corazon

A new, iconic Santa Barbara Spanish Revival home... a collaboration between Conceptual Home Designer Jeff Doubet (Design by Doubet) and real estate developer Danny Vickers.

Jeff was responsible for conceptual floor plan and elevation concepts and renderings. Danny worked with a licensed Santa Barbara Architect to refine ideas and develop the technical working drawings and obtain the permits.

Danny oversaw all construction and contractors. Jeff contributed throughout the building process with art direction of materials, decorative techniques and architectural detailing resourcing.





Santa Barbara Design Interior Residential




Santa Barbara Designers




























Santa Barbara Home Designer has been specifying Santa Barbara Style Teak Furniture for decades.


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Santa Barbara Hacienda Style Home Under Construction

Santa Barbara Oceanfront: An Authentic Hacienda Style Home Designed by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet- Construction nearing completion on Shoreline Drive, SB CA.

Hacienda Style Santa Barbara BEFORE

BEFORE PHOTO: This Shoreline Drive Oceanfront Home was tired and dated... With a major renovation of Surfaces- including all new bronze windows, 2 piece mission clay tile roof, old world plaster, and stone cobble driveway, it became a Santa Barbara Signature Hacienda Property.







Santa Barbara Oceanfront Home Designer

New Second Floor Master Suite Loggia, Deck and Outdoor Fireplace under Construction



















































































































































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Directly Above: Santa Barbara Style by Author Kathryn Masson Purchase this book now, or visit a Collection of Great Books


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