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Local Santa Barbara Kitchen Designers and Consultants

Quality design ideas, drawings and resources for helping you improve your Santa Barbara style home and/or landscape.

Multiple award-winning designer and Santa Barbara Home Design consultant Jeff Doubet provides a wide range of services to local Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch property owners:

Santa Barbara whole house design

Santa Barbara style Exterior Design

Santa Barbara style Architectural Detailing

Santa Barbara style Interior Design

Santa Barbara style Landscape Design

Illustrations + Renderings




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Santa Barbara Home Design services are geared toward helping local home owners develop a vision for their project...

a first step towards creating a quality plan that will guide you in the various next steps for developing your dream, and your property.


I provide design services, and create artistic renderings that help my clients see the potential in their homes and landscapes.


I bill my design and consulting at an hourly rate of $130 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum.


Please Contact me if you would like to schedule an affordable Initial Consultation to discuss your next project.




Santa Barbara and Montecito Home Design Initial Consultations



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As a Santa Barbara Home Design Consultant with 25 years of experience, I offer a valuable perspective during my initial consultations.


My "no strings attached" $130 per hour Initial Consultation is a very affordable way to explore the ideas you have been contemplating.


Through my experience I will help provide ideas that will guide and help you navigate design decisions.

*Please Note: There is a 2 hour minimum ($260) on all Initial Consultations. This includes local, on site meetings as well as Out of Town initial consultations via teleconference or emails.

Thank You.


Santa Barbara Style House Design



Santa Barbara Home Design Consulting Services include:  Conceptual design of Floor plans, additions, interior design and landscaping.

I work with clients that have a Santa Barbara General Contractor, and/or Santa Barbara architect.

If you do not have these teams in place, I can make recommendations from a broad list of local independent talent I enjoy working with.

I bill my design services at $130 per hour




Spanish style Hand Drawn Renderings and Architectural Illustrations


Spanish style home designs, renderings, sketches and drawings


Looking for Spanish style house designs and renderings?

Or need an architectural illustrator for Spanish style presentations?

I help clients see the potential for their homes and landscapes by developing hand drawn designs, sketches and renderings.




I bill my design and illustration services at $130 per hour. These detailed renderings include architectural detailing and landscaping. With these idea-packed conceptual design renderings... my clients and their team can see the finished product before the project even begins.

I work with clients that have an architect and/or a technical team in mind (to develop building plans)...

but would first like to work with someone that can help them "put on paper" their early visions and dreams-

Those favorite ideas that you have collected can be incorporated in to a quality Conceptual Design Rendering... something that will save you time and money as you hone the general look and feel of the project you envision.

Capturing the essence of what you want your home and landscape to look like... (before the technical aspects begin) is a great way to find peace of mind before spending money on your next steps.

Project Consulting for Charm Giving Santa Barbara Spanish Style Design Elements:



Santa Barbara style home design consultant for aesthetic detailing

I am available on an hourly rate basis to work with your General Contractor and trades for the implementation of decorative elements such as arches, niches, old world plastering, etc.

I bring an artistic eye to help with aesthetic details you and your independent Architect, General Contractor and trades are developing.


I am well connected with independent,local,licensed Santa Barbara architects, structural engineers and general contractors and can share those resources with you.


I bill my consultations at $130 per hour.




If you would like to schedule an Initial Consultation, please give me a call at (805) 687-1716.

*Please Note: There is a 2 hour minimum ($260) on all Initial Consultations. This includes local, on site meetings as well as Out of Town initial consultations via teleconference or emails. Thank You.



Spanish Archway Spanish Interior Design Santa BarbaraMoorish_Niche_Detailing_Santa_BarbaraCalifornia_Pottery_Tile_Installation_Santa_Barbara Wrought_Iron_Santa_Barbara

Below: A Jeff Doubet example of a 1960's transformation of a tract house.

Spanish Colonial Revival Homes in Santa Barbara

Stone Steps at Round Door Entry Santa Barbara Spanish Revival Home

Spanish Revival Home Before by Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara CA

Spanish Revival Home Designed by Jeff Doubet of Santa Barbara CA



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