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Specializing in the artistic design of Santa Barbara style homes and landscapes.

Do you seek inspired visions, quality design ideas and direct information about how you can improve your home, and your life? I would love to be your guide!

My name is Jeff Doubet and I am a home designer and consultant based in Santa Barbara, California.

I am also an author and the founder of Santa Barbara Home Design.

I provide a range of unique design services that include:

Conceptual home design: Creating romantic design renderings that help you see and feel how your house will become the home of your dreams.

Floor Plans that compliment your lifestyle.

Landscape Designs you are eager to wake up to.

On site art direction of decorative elements that will make anyone envious of what you have created!

Illustration services that provide a path, a soul and vision for what you seek to create for your family.

Check out my Design + Consulting Services


Since the launch of my book in October of 2018, I have sold over 1,100 copies. A multitude of readers have become wonderful new clients throughout California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

A house and landscape are far more than a construction project needing completion. It is where we plan to spend our most cherished moments together with friends and family.

I encourage you to explore my website of 50+ pages. You will find many examples of how I collaborate with patron clients and a wide variety of very talented independent teams to build custom designs.

RECENTLY COMPLETED! La Casa Romantica A 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival remodel recently listed (and sold) for $2.7 million. Click the live link above to see the many photos of this romantic Santa Barbara home.


In the meantime, if you haven't heard about my book, here is a quick intro.

Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before and After, Techniques, Designs, Insights


Creating Spanish Style Homes by Jeff Doubet, a book about Spanish style home design

A highly visual idea book and collection of techniques, designs and insights for transforming boring plain Jane houses and yards into high quality Spanish style homes and landscapes.

This portfolio is generously packed with over 1,000 images that include a wide variety of Before & After projects and behind-the-scenes photos of Artisans practicing their craft.

In my book Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before and After, Techniques, Designs, Insights I share a personal point of view while teaching The Art of Spanish Charm, my basic design principles and theories, expressed through photo-rich stories, drawings and original designs.

For homeowners planning their own remodel, developers, contractors, investors, designers, architects, artisans and do-it-your-selfer's, the plethora of imagery, combined with thought-provoking concepts and helpful tips are all designed to entertain and inspire.

Whether you are planning a design for a small starter home or a multi-million dollar estate, I created this book to be an encouraging and uplifting Empower Tool- a useful reference guide for seeing the possibilities as you move toward a goal, and the life that you dream.



Best real estate ideas properties homes in Montecito California and Santa Barbara images photos drawings

ABOVE: For a local Montecito client, I designed an entrance to their property including a new guest house. It is one example of the hand drawn designs and renderings I conceptualize every week. In my book, I share a total of 208 original Spanish style home designs I have created for patron clients.


George Washington Smith style home designers in Montecito and Santa Barbara California photos, images, designs, drawings, websites

LEFT: One of my designs for new construction in Santa Barbara.

I highlight the process of building this brand new accessory structure on pages 232, 233, 234, 235 of my "Design Consultation in a Book"

Creating Spanish Style Homes is available on Amazon, now.

Click here for a sneak peek overview for more info on this specific project.




If you happen to be contemplating a custom project and would like to schedule a one-on-one Affordable Initial Consultation, Consults start at $390. Please call me at (805) 687-1716 to schedule.


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Authentic Spanish Style Home Designers in California that use Plaster Grilles, visit Santa Barbara Home Designer website for more info


Jeff Doubet is the author of Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After – Techniques – Designs – Insights and is known for his Spanish style home designs.

As the founder of Santa Barbara Home Design, I also enjoy a variety of other design styles including Santa Barbara Cottage style, Farmhouse, Board and Batten, and Contemporary Modern.



Please peruse the many pages on this website to get a feel for the quality of design work I enjoy helping clients envision and execute.


Spanish Home Designer Jeff Doubet design services

Since 2003, I have offered these a la carte Design Services:

One-on-one Design and Consultant Services
Learn how to accomplish the authentic Spanish style and look you seek to achieve. There is nothing like having direct access to the resources the best architects, designers and builders know about for designing and building the nicest homes

Before and After Sketches Hand Drawn Architectural Renderings: These vivid expressions of art help you visualize exactly how your exterior and landscaping improvements can turn out. They also save you a lot of money and heartache by providing an upfront vision for your home and landscape vs. risking to chance that more expensive CAD and structural engineering drawings will create the home you want.

Whole House Conceptual Design The details + materials for a Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara style home design can include floor plans, elevation renderings and landscape design. Again, this is front end design work that enables clients with means to get a much clearer understanding for how their custom home and landscape will "look and feel", once built.

Since 2020, I have offered live video consulting via Zoom.

Since my book came out in the fall of 2018, a steadily growing list of readers (over 1,100 copies have been sold as of 9/23/21). Many of these readers are enthusiastic about connecting, asking questions about the book and wanting a fresh set of eyes on their design project. Please click on the link above to learn more about this.


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Please call for an affordable initial consultation. These start at $390, and have no strings attached.

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Please note that I am an Amazon affiliate, and I recieve a small commission on any purchases that you might make through direct links to Amazon, including my own book.

There is no additional cost to your Amazon purchase. Thank You for your patronage and support!


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Jeff Doubet in Santa Barbara, CA on Houzz


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Remodeling and Home Design


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