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Author and Designer Jeff Doubet style Spanish home designs in Santa Barbara, California:


George Washington Smith Style Spanish Home design in Montecito California drawings, etchings, sketchesLooking for quality design concepts for a Spanish style home, or ideas on how to improve your fixer upper home and landscape?

Please peruse a few examples of Jeff Doubet style Spanish home designs.


This is a concept design proposal for a Park Lane 1970s Fixer property.




Montecito real estate fixers in great neighborhoods photo

Working closely with client wish lists, I developed a design for this fixer upper, and the finished project turned out exactly like the sketch above.

I feature a sneak peek of it within an 8 page "Look Inside" PREVIEW of my new book Creating Spanish Style Homes : before and after, techniques, designs, insights available now on Amazon.




Montecito and Santa Barbara homes designed in George Washington Smith style books photos and drawings

A close up shot of one of the original design renderings featured in the new design book

Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before and After, Techniques, Designs, Insights by Jeff Doubet

The 240 page book has an abundance of new Spanish home designs and dozens of hand-drawn sketches, drawings and Spanish home rendering.


Over 1000 images, including behind-the-scenes photos of these Spanish style homes being built in Santa Barbara and Montecito, California.



Jeff Doubet Founder of Santa Barbara Home Design specializes in Spanish style home design


fixer houses with land in Montecito California photos

Local Santa Barbara Home designer and author Jeff Doubet specializes in Santa Barbara style Spanish home and landscape design.

Here, I developed upgrade ideas for this Mary Craig architect original home design.





I enjoy working with local clients that have purchased classic homes by the Early California masters.

These include George Washington Smith, Lutah Maria Riggs, D'Alfonso and other talent from the 1920s and 1930s.


Old world european home design ideas drawings Montecito California


I specialize in the local, time-honored Santa Barbara tradition of hand-drawn sketches, renderings and drawings for Spanish style homes.

This is an example of the hundreds of original designs I have created since 2003.




Santa Barbara fixer investor properties photos


Another fixer example is this Mansford roof home in a quality Santa Barbara Neighborhood. The home had lots of upside potential...


and I worked with a local real estate flipper in Santa Barbara who has renovated over 180 homes.




Best designs in Spanish Style homes in Santa Barbara and Montecito California conceptual renderings

This is one of several concept renderings I came up with. It included a small 2 story addition over the garage.

The proposal also included moving the garage door to front of house which would allow for a gated and landscaped courtyard that would compliment the newly renovated facade.

This project turned out just like the sketch and the home sold immediately after it was completed in July 2016. The renovation and transformation is recorded in photos on pages 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86 and 87 of the book Creating Spanish Style Homes




Hand drawn sketches, renderings, designs for Spanish style homes and gardens

In his new book Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before and After, Techniques, Designs, Insights - author and Santa Barbara, California based Spanish home designer shares a wide variety of custom designs for homes and landscapes.


converting old historic structures in to homes in Montecito and Santa Barbara California photoThe owner of this unique Montecito parcel requested a conceptual design rendering that would enhance the rural nature of her surroundings.

Nestled into the corner of the lot, the structure would have ocean views to the south and mountain views to the north.



Stone house designs, renderings, sketches and drawings


Technical drawings for the project are complete and the project has received permit approval, as of late 2018









Santa Barbara fixer upper houses in great neighborhoods photos


Another "Vanilla" Fixer house located in a great neighborhood in Santa Barbara, California.


School district and central location were major factors in this client's decision to invest in this property as a second home.

A local Santa Barbara realtor recommended me to this client.



best house design drawings in Santa Barbara California drawings and images


I developed this conceptual design rendering for my client and fast forward... the was completed in June 2016.


The transformation is recorded with a multitude of photos featured on pages 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156 and 157 of the 240 page book of Spanish style home designs by Jeff Doubet




Spanish style design ideas for those designing homes and landscapes

A new book, rich with 240 pages of inspiration by Spanish home designer, photographer, and author Jeff Doubet.


one level montecito fixer real estate homes design resourcesTransforming tract homes like this one in Montecito is a favorite pastime.

This client was looking for ideas to upgrade their Arcady Road fixer property.

A new 3 car garage and converting the existing garage into a new bedroom wing (livable space)


home designs and designers in Montecito California

My original concept design proposed a new 3 car garage that has a small tower transition and connection to the main house.

A small Spanish style garden house anchors the approach to the motorcourt.





Properties in Montecito fixer uppers photo

Located on a large lot on Arcady Road- the 1960s house and landscape is ready for an upgrade.

Local Montecito home and landscape designer Jeff Doubet developed a conceptual design for this home and landscape.



best ideas for montecito homes design renovations drawings



Ideas include: old world sandstone walls and staircase, Mediterranean landscape, new Spanish Tower entry with chimney cap detailing, etc.







Fixer properties with acreage Santa Barbara California


For this fixer on 10 acres in the foothills of Santa Barbara, the owners were seeking ideas to warm up the basic structure that already has good bones.



I propose classic fenestration... a wood window bump out made with resawn timbers and darkly stained.



Spanish Style home designs in Santa Barbara California drawings


Iron grille windows, stone columns and iron gate, circular motorcourt with fountain...

and I studied fresh ideas for the decorative chimney tops.







best neighborhoods to invest in montecito fixer property photos


I work with a variety of different clients that include real estate investors, home buyers looking to purchase a fixer property in Montecito or Santa Barbara area, as well as home owners that seek ideas for how to improve their home and landscape.


This particular client is an investor and high end builder who was lining up multiple fixer projects, back in 2014.



best montecito home designs and renderings for Montecito neighborhoods

I developed this Conceptual Design Rendering and the project proceeded very nicely.

The home was sold just before it was completed. It never listed in the Montecito Multiple Listings Service, and sold for a record price for the neighborhood.

The renovation project photos are featured on pages 122, 123, 124, and 125 of the book Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before and After, Techniques, Designs, Insights by Jeff Doubet available now at Amazon




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Other ideas by Santa Barbara home designer Jeff Doubet for fixing up tract houses in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Cottage Design Sketches, renderings, and drawings

This Santa Barbara home owner was looking for ideas to charm up the approach to their home on a nice 4 acre lot.

A garden house, grapevine arbor, sandstone walls and curbing, along with cupola's and other architectural details were proposed in this sketch.



Fixer homes on acreage in Santa Barbara California photos


This project was completed in 2018.

Please check back for completed project photos.






fixer properties with large lots santa barbara photos

Local Home Designer Jeff Doubet helps local Santa Barbara and Montecito home owners see the potential for their fixer homes and properties.

I regularly work with home buyers, owners, their architect and General Contractor.


LEFT: This Fixer home is located on a large lot in the foothills of Santa Barbara.

Owned by a General Contractor friend who asked that I develop a conceptual rendering of potential upgrades.




farmhouse design and drawings santa barbara california


I developed this Conceptual Design rendering to illustrate a Farmhouse design that incorporates a simple aesthetic... reminiscent of San Ysidro Ranch.


Board and Batten siding, heavy beam porch posts with knee bracing, authentic sandstone garden walls and stone steps and flagstone patios.


This project was completed in late 2017.





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