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Small saltbox style potting shed with reclaimed barn wood siding, wood windows and cupola in rural setting in Santa Barbara, California.  Shed design by Jeff Doubet


Hi, my name is Jeff Doubet and I am a local Santa Barbara Home Designer who also specializes in the design and consulting of small structures such as those on this page.

A quintessential Montecito or Santa Barbara garden can be dramatically enhanced with a quality potting shed, garden house or storage shed.

I really enjoy designing these types of custom sheds. There are as many personalities in shed designs as there are in people.




raw land fixer upper property in Santa Barbara California



For the finished project shown above, we first started with raw land.

Listening to the dream and wish lists of a homeowner is part of the fun.

How can I sketch a concept with those elements, within the constraints of the area.






Custom saltbox shed with barn wood siding design drawing by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet


One of several early conceptual sketches for the rugged acreage, above.

The land owner initially described the dream of a new storage barn for hobbies, and a sunny spot for a veggie garden.

He also wanted a new recreation area for bbq's, playing volleyball and relaxing in the countryside.

Concept rendering by Jeff Doubet





Designing quality veggie gardens, chicken coops and landscapes in Santa Barbara, California


quality garden houses and sheds designed by local Santa Barbara designers photo


Building a high quality garden for growing vegetables, raising chickens and generally making something that is new, yet feels like home...

often requires organizing a team of talented individuals to help you see your vision through.










Young men at a custom shed and chicken coop construction site in Santa Barbara, California


I really enjoyed working with this property owner. He has a diverse skill set, with an ability to get things done.

He is well connected with his talented group of employees, as well as the talented contractor, architect, and landscape design professionals.

Here, we discuss a new conceptual design rendering I had sketched for a meandering split cedar rail fence and garden gate leading to the chicken coop.





A team of young people building a cedar fence, potting shed and chicken coop within a large vegetable garden in Santa Barbara, California



In the background, the owner and his talented landscaper discuss options and plant choices to landscape around the new potting shed and chicken coop.

Other team members build out the split cedar fence that seperates the gravel road and the large veggie garden to the right.






a quality chicken coop sits near an organic veggie garden and a potting shed in Santa Barbara, California


With a year around growing season, it didnt take long for the garden to fill in

It looks as though the charming new chicken coop and shed have been here for decades.


Per my original design rendering, the owner planted out the new split rail cedar fence with grape vines for an added touch of Santa Barbara country.






Close up photo of beautiful backyard chickens and high end chicken coop in Santa Barbara California


Happy Chickens, Happy Life.


These gals are lovin' life in their new digs- no disgruntled hens, here.


We were sensitive to their feelings, and made sure to situate their upscale chicken coop near a supple free range... the large veggie gardens.







high end customchicken coop in Santa Barbara, California


The owner and I worked closely to customize the chicken coop design to have a timeless look.

We beefed up lumber sizes, and paid careful attention to every detail.

The owner's talented team faux finished the newly finished project to give it a homier look.







Man holds up a lantern outdoor light outside a small salt box shed with reclaimed barn wood siding and white Dutch door


The owner has been acquiring authentic, old barn wood from dissassembled barns throughout the Midwest, and has been trucking them to the project site.


Reclaimed barn wood makes for a quality texture and finish for the style of project we were creating on his property.


Here he decides on the placement of an antique lantern that will look great as an accessory to this potting shed.



A dad hands a young girl a pet chicken to hold outside potting shed with barn wood siding in Santa Barbara, California




A special day arrives, and the vision takes on a life all it's own.


Who can really foresee the special moments that will be created when a thought, a dream becomes a reality?


Here, the dad owner of the property hands his daughter a pet chicken to hold.


Inside the new potting shed is also where the chicken feed and supplies are stored.







high quality rustic potting shed and chicken coop



You never know when the spontaneity of a moment might create a lifetime memory...


But on this Spring day, childhood friends spend some quality time roaming the wide open spaces at the ranch.





Two girls feeding back yard chickens inside a quality potting shed in Santa Barbara, California




Here, they have fun feeding a pair of spunky chickens, an impromptu surprise while packaging the farm fresh eggs, and tending to some pole bean and tomato starts.


Being so close to the chicken coop and veggie gardens-

This Salt Box garden shed was specifically designed as a high quality visual focal point on the ranch, but it also functions as a useful space for a variety different projects.









Two girls working inside a rustic potting shed with seedling plants in Santa Barbara, California



The rustic countertops and shelving were crafted from reclaimed barn wood and make for this perfect place to pot plants and organize seeds and seedlings for another Spring's planting.

The shed is a safe, dry and convenient place to store the chicken feed, their hay, and the garden tools used on a daily basis.

These childhood friends and this custom shed project are now featured on pages 78- 81 of this Coffee Table Book, available directly at Amazon.

Full disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate, I receive a very small commission if you purchase this inexpensive book through the link, above.







Santa Barbara California Barn Designs that have character



converting barns in to cool spaces photosConverting an Old Barn or brick building into an art studio or shop has always been a dream of mine.

Every since I was a young man, I have been restoring old things.

I continue to have a life-long passionate hobby of restoring vintage trucks.

If only I had a big wide open shop, like this!


Jeff Doubet bio photo 1980s


Little did I know, later in my life- I would be living that particular dream vicariously through an extraordinary client.

A brand new steel shop (below) was made to feel like a vintage barn (left).





dressing-up-a-steel-structureThe owner had envisioned a new space for a workshop:

An area for hobby wine-making, and a clean spot to store a few classic cars.


With the help of his architect and a general contractor, the "affordable" new steel structure was specified, permitted and built.

From there, we would come up with ideas for adding layers of personality and character... to give it grit-






Using the steel building fabricator's CAD drawings, I began sketching artistic ideas for a more authentic Barn Facade.

I proposed a hay loft door with antique pulley, gooseneck lighting and designed old school "X" barn doors...

Reclaimed oak wine barrels would add to the ambiance of the winemaking hobby.






converting steel structures to charming buildings photos


RIGHT: The project owner works with his General Contractor on details of how to technically add the authentic antique beams- as aesthetic and viseral upgrades, inside the barn.






History in the making...


A skilled Carpenter cuts reclaimed antique wood beams.


The Carriage style garage doors in the background are new "roll ups"... designed and crafted to look like hinged, swing-out barn doors.


They have the modern convenience of automated garage door openers.






reclaimed barn wood project photos in Santa Barbara California


With his professional background in Faux painting, the owner directed a very talented crew in how to age the doors to look as if they have been on the barn for a hundred years.


I helped source replica door pulls, and designed custom, thick metal faux hinges to add to their appearance-


Our team pulled it off. These roll ups look like swing out doors!





Old winery barn reclaimed wood and antiques photos


I'm not sure who had more fun... me, as a conceptual designer for the project- sketching in old "props" to embellish the newly built barn and sheds-


Or the owner, who went to a multitude of auctions, and frequents the Rose Bowl Flea Market on a regular basis...

treasure hunting the elements that would fulfill the vision of those early sketches, and our brainstorming sessions for the project.


Here, we look over the newly found goodies, and discuss potential locations for each.







reclaimed barn wood projects in California wine country


The vision starts to come together...


steel barn construction photos in California







California has yet to regulate the design, safety and construction of Fowl Housing (Bird Mansions and such)


Yet I was committed to designing a responsible, structurally sound, eco-friendly and attractive structure for the fine feathered friends who are now enjoying this property.


Note the authentic, hand hewned Sandstone foundation, 8" x 8" Old Barn Wood Post, and solid copper roofing.

Another investment in my creativity, by the property owner.






She Sheds, Garden Sheds and Garden Houses for Santa Barbara and Montecito Landscapes


She Shed designs images photos pros designers Santa Barbara Montecito California


Local Santa Barbara Designer Jeff Doubet is valuable resource for your She Sheds, potting sheds and garden house wish lists-

those dreamy visions of what you would like to accomplish with your Santa Barbara and Montecito landscapes.

These little structures have become a passion and a specialty for me, and I have lost count of how many local Santa Barbarans have commissioned me for landscapes with my custom shed designs as part of the plan.












best quality sheds designs photos in montecito and santa barbara california


For this newly built garden shed...

A dutch door and wood windows were specified.

A shake roof, reclaimed barn wood and vintage stained glass window also add to the character of this high end, quality shed.

The other newly created elements such as sandstone steps and garden walls also add to the richness of this garden.








LEFT: A Site photo I used as a "BEFORE" image that I would base my Conceptual Design sketching on.


You can see the large pile of firewood that I was inspired to organize for the owner...

by proposing the firewood shed, below.





High quality garden shed designs in Santa Barbara and Montecito California plans drawings


Here, I create a Conceptual Rendering for this undeveloped section of the ranch property.


I designed the 10 x 12 garden shed and adjacent Wood Shed to be an aesthetically pleasing vignette of structures that would eventually "screen" an area for unsightly ranch equipment, etc.





quality wood shed and garden house photos Santa Barbara California

With the backdrop of new growth of this seasons Avocado crop budding... the charming new structures, rise.


high quality garden shed contractors in santa barbara and montecito shed photos






Incorporating architectural salvage items such as vintage stained glass windows can really add character to any potting shed or garden shed project.


My original shed design concept was greatly improved when the project owner returned from another auction with this vintage farm window in hand.


Here, I collaborate with one of the very talented general contractors on the project-

to plan the revision, and new details...








We carefully chose reclaimed, old barn wood pieces that would add the extra character of an old building-

even though this high end shed was built just a week earlier!


The old school, wavey glass colors look great with the old red barn wood hues. Just one of those moments of creative collaboration... where magic happens.


Something to smile about each time someone walks past.






Casual and informal outdoor spaces in california wine country santa barbara



Casual outdoor spaces were designed and created with gravel patios, reclaimed timbers, sandstone fire pit.


The vintage chairs and swing bench were found by the owner...


He was obviously having more Good Luck picking at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and auctions in L.A.






premium raw land in Santa Barbara and Montecito photos



This is a BEFORE photo for the image above...

An example of Dreams coming true, for all.










best garden shed photos in santa barbara california landscape design


A favorite photo... the owner had found this classic old water hand pump at auction.


He really made an extra effort to find elements that would fit the design intent of the concept design renderings that I had created early in the project (above).


We decided that the pump fountain would most be enjoyed at the fire pit area vs. up near the wood shed... design collaborating at it's best.


old water pump converted to fountain photo


barn wood sheds and window boxes in santa barbara and montecito california photos




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Please Check back often... I will be adding more photos for this project, in the future.


In the meantime, please enjoy this website, and feel free to contact me for an initial consultation if you wish to to discuss the special project you are envisioning.




Jeff Doubet



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