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Santa Barbara Home Designer Before + After Image

BEFORE PHOTO for project below:

Looking for inspiration for your next authentic Santa Barbara Spanish Style home?

Spanish design and detailing, with classic local materials transformed this dated house into a beautiful home.

Local Santa Barbara consultant Jeff Doubet is an award-winning designer who specializes in designing small, upscale Santa Barbara and Montecito Spanish homes.




Santa Barbara Spanish Revival Home



What Changed:

The long roof eaves of the original home were cut back, and a thick plaster cornice eave detailing was added.

A modest Spanish tower with custom arch entry was built to better define where the actual front door is.

Sandstone garden walls were built, as well as a new Cherokee Creek flagstone walkway installed.






Small cosmetic fixer uppers can become charming Spanish homes




Local Santa Barbara Home Designer and Design Consultant Jeff Doubet works with a wide variety of local Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch homeowners, architects and designers to create and realize transformations for fixer uppers in our beautiful neighborhoods.

There are so many talented people in town, and I am grateful for the referrals. Some come from realtors, and I enjoy helping Montecito home buyers seeking quality design ideas for the fixer upper purchase they are considering.




What Changed:

Cost effective Spanish Colonial Revival details were added-

Copper lighting rod,thick wooden shutters, sandstone rubble walls, Spanish fountain and a stone cobble path.

For the landscape design:

Sweet lavender, rosemary, white iceberg roses, italian cypress, and potato vines






Spanish Colonial Revival Renovation Santa Barbara CA


For this historic West Beach, Santa Barbara Spanish Revival renovation, I worked with the out-of-town San Francisco couple who were looking for charm-giving ideas for a project they had purchased.

They had already begun to strategize a small addition with a local Santa Barbara architect.

They asked that I take his basic CAD drawings and develop several hand drawn renderings that would help them visualize the upscale spanish details that would make this house a home.






Spanish Colonial Revival Restoration Before and After Santa Barbara Home Designer


Here is the BEFORE photo I shot years ealier...

I enjoy showing Before & After examples of my design work, as it encourages viewers that a lot can be done with small homes such as this.

Elliptical arch windows, a 2 piece mission tile roof entry stoop, thick arch top door, iron window grilles, thick corbels supporting a 2nd story above, and an authentic carriage garage door were all classic materials and design elements that were proposed for this fixer in Santa Barbara.





Tuscan-inspired designs for Santa Barbara and Montecito fixers upper properties


Tuscan style homes design in Santa Barbara and Montecito California

Tuscan inspired architectural design elements, colors, finishes and landscape create a new theme for this newly completed and elegant Montecito home.


This fixer upper was particularly challenging, and I really wanted to produce some nice initial design ideas for the realtor/real estate investor team who regularly hire me for a variety of projects they are developing.







Montecito California Fixer properties and homes for sale photos images resources


This ugly duckling 1960s fixer upper in a prime Montecito, CA location was purchased as an "investor flip".

I was asked to conceptually design improvements that would create curb appeal.

I sketched ideas for both the exterior elevations of the home, as well as a full site landscape plan that included a small vineyard and other appealing landscaping ideas that would appeal to the Montecito buyers.








Tuscan style home designs and landscapes, photos, design ideas in Santa Barbara and Montecito California

As with most great design projects, early impressions and thoughts for how to improve a property start with concept designs and hand drawn renderings that rough out a direction.

These are then refined and improved upon as the idea gestates.

I work with my client and then begin working with independent architects and contractor teams to see these visions through.

I particularly enjoyed collaborating with this talented team and have worked with them on numerous other projects in town.




Montecito and Santa Barbara California area fixer properties in great neighborhoods photos images


This additional image helps illustrate the dramatic Before & After results that can be achieved with existing structures.

If you are a local homeowner in Santa Barbara, Montecito or Hope Ranch and have a fixer upper that you are contemplating a renovation project... please give me a call.

I would enjoy looking at your project, and I am always available to help introduce you to the independent teams that I have worked with.

I often meet new talent and can work with your team, as well.




More Montecito and Santa Barbara Spanish home BEFORE and AFTER photos



Montecito Spanish style fixer homes and property photo

Santa Barbara and Montecito, California are quintessential towns for Spanish style homes and landscapes, and I share these photos to help illustrate the changes that can be made to an existing home, without adding on to it.

This particular project was a successful flip for an investor who purchased the small fixer on a quaint lane in Montecito.

LEFT: BEFORE phot for project, below





best small spanish style house designs in Montecito and Santa Barbara CA


Here I take the a photo, before any of the changes were made.


If this, or any of the other dozens of Spanish home designs by Jeff Doubet intrigue you, please consider scheduling an affordable Consultation.

I look forward to checking out the fixer upper you are considering to change.





Spanish style home design tips:


Spanish Revival Architecture and Landscapes photos

Spanish home designer and author Jeff Doubet shares a wide variety of design examples throughout this website.

I enjoy incorporating authentic and timeless materials that carry on the traditions of local Santa Barbara style architecture.

These elements have been used many generations, and I like helping my clients get the look they want to achieve in their project.




Plaster and paint colors are very important decisions when crafting a classic Santa Barbara home.

These are just some of the design discussions I routinely have with clients during affordable initial consultations.



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