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The quaint villages of Montecito and Santa Barbara have talented designers specializing in quality small cottage designs and landscapes.


Jeff Doubet enjoys clients that view small Montecito fixer homes as the gems they will become...


Downsizing from larger properties is a nice way to simplify life.





Montecito California fixers


As a local designer, I help Santa Barbara and Montecito clients see the potential in available cosmetic fixers.


Here, I created conceptual design ideas for the real estate investor who was flipping this property.


Located in a prime Montecito neighborhood... and just steps from the quaint shops and bistros of Lower Village.





Best Santa Barbara California Cottage and Ranch style home photos



Looking for quality conceptual design ideas that will transform your Santa Barbara California area Cottage style fixer home? Please call Jeff at 805-687-1716


I specialize in local Santa Barbara charm-giving architectural details, and can help you visualize improvements for your place.

RIGHT: A newly completed Santa Barbara style Cottage




Santa Barbara Fixers investments photos and images


This original 1960s fixer cottage style home really needed some TLC. It had too many palm trees that obstructed the architecture.

The Floor plan was nice, but the ocean view from the front yard was lacking a quality outdoor space.

The sandstone footings at the new wood deck(above) made a great visual design statement, and the functionality of the deck is now a cherished spot to eat and hang out.




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For this guest house project...

The floor plan configuration was re-imagined so that the original 2 car garage on the left side of the structure could be restored.

The bland, vanilla structure needed architectural detailing to bring it in to a new upscale category.

The roofline was modified to give the living room a much more spacious feel.



Santa Barbara style cottage photos and images


Beautiful new Carriage style garage doors were added to give the guest house a warmth it was sorely lacking.

Designer Tip: On many small Santa Barbara homes, garage doors make up much of the facade. It is often worth investing in a quality garage door, as it elevates the percieved value of the home and property.

A planted area with fountain near the entry door adds some nature to the adjacent bedroom french doors, and is much more inviting when guests arrive.




Santa Barbara Cottage Style Design Resources



Santa Barbara Cottage with Arched Window


Santa Barbara Home Design specializes in charming Cottage style designs.


Through hand drawn renderings... I can help you and your Santa Barbara architect, general contractor or handyman See the Potentialin your home.






Santa Barbara Fixer Cottage


Click to View photos of this Santa Barbara style Cottage Fixer.

A new window package, cottage lighting, upgraded siding, stone work, quality garage door and landscaping...

elements that created instant curb appeal for this Santa Barbara fixer.








Traditional Cottage Design in Santa Barbara



Santa Barbara Cottage Photos


Those looking for conceptual design for quality changes for your fixer home.


I have a favorable track record for clients investing in Santa Barbara and Montecito fixer upper properties.


Click to see more photos of this successful Santa Barbara Cottage remodel and investment flip.






Santa Barbara Cottage Fixer




This Santa Barbara style Cottage (above) was originally a 1960's tract home fixer.








Creating Montecito and Santa Barbara Curb Appeal



Santa Barbara Cottage Style


Santa Barbara Home Design specializes in consultations that share tips and resources to create maximum profits for home and landscape projects.


I work with Real Estate investors, realtors, home buyers and owners seeking quality ideas for improving their home value.


Redwood porch railings, thick wood shutters and window boxes, hand stacked sandstone rubble walls- simple upgrades for this home.




Santa Barbara Traditional Home Cosmetic Fixer




Click to see more photos of this Traditional, two-story Santa Barbara cosmetic fixer










quality small cottage home designs in santa barbara california photos


This charming cottage was developed using some simple tricks of adding layers of texture to the surfaces of the home.


Oversized corbels, shake style siding, an arbor above the new carriage style garage doors...

Stone work and a new drought tolerant landscape.





Santa Barbara small home fixers and properties photos


The owners of this Santa Barbara fixer home in a great neighborhood asked that I suggest some simple, yet cost effective solutions to add more curb appeal to their home.


In many cases, a garage is a substantial part of the architecture of a Santa Barbara home, and it is worth embellishing the details to elevate the perceived value of the property.






Montecito Cottage Style Homes: Fixer Real Estate



Looking for a Montecito investment fixer property?


For years I have been working with a variety of top producer realtors and investors in the Montecito and Santa Barbara area.

I also help local home buyers and owners with creative home improvement ideas for their homes and landscapes.








This neglected 1970's Montecito ranch house was lacking curb appeal.


I proposed simple cottage style interior design and exterior upgrades: white porch columns, board and batten siding, cupola, shutters and window boxes.


Landscape design-. White iceberg roses, rosemary, sweet and french lavender, boxwood and eugenia hedges...







Fixing up Santa Barbara style cottages


A top producer Santa Barbara realtor introduced me to this Real Estate investment flip.


I created simple sketches and renderings for front and back yard landscaping.


A list of cosmetic cottage style interior design improvements, included.







Santa Barbara style fixer cottages



The BEFORE photo of the California Bungalow fixer.


It didn't take much to transform this home.


Please feel free to contact me if you have a fixer property would like to schedule an initial consultation.










A new upscale Gazebo with copper roof and finial were upgrade ideas I proposed for this Campanil Hill view home.



The patio arbor was also re-designed to have proper height and proportions.









BEFORE photo of the outdated patio.


Check back...

I will post a link for the entire project- including front yard landscaping design, sandstone walls etc.






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