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Spanish Home Designer Jeff Doubet Before + After photos of Santa Barbara Home Design projects.

Jeff Doubet is a photographer, home designer and author of the new coffee table book Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights available now on Amazon!

Please click direct link (above) to see product description, as well as the new book reviews for it.




This page highlights just a few examples of Jeff Doubet designs for homes in the Santa Barbara and Montecito, California area. As an award-winning home designer and consultant, I enjoy helping clients see potential in their homes and landscapes. If you would like to improve your real estate value in Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch... Please contact Jeff Doubet to schedule an affordable initial consultation.


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Santa Barbara Spanish Revival Home

The transformation of a small tract house in Santa Barbara into this beautiful Spanish home (shown here) is highlighted on pages 22 - 25 of Jeff Doubet's new coffee table book, a "Consultation in a Book"


The homeowner sought ways to improve a 1960's tract home.


2 piece Mission Tile roof, a Spanish entry tower and custom arched entry, thick plaster cornice eave detailing and classic Santa Barbara sandstone garden walls were some of my suggestions.






This Small Montecito Spanish Home won a National design award in 2017.

In my book Creating Spanish Style Homes: Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights I share the original design rendering for the concept, as well as information on how this fixer upper became what it became.

Early on, the Investor Owner and his realtor sought simple improvements to maximize the appeal of this Montecito Fixer. I specialize in designing small Spanish Colonial Revival homes and Spanish Garden landscapes.




Spanish Colonial Revival Renovation Santa Barbara CA

Historic West Beach, Santa Barbara

A Realtor introduced me to the owners seeking quality details for their Spanish Home renovation and addition.

I provided artistic, conceptual renderings... ideas for authentic Santa Barbara Spanish detailing (interior and exterior) and landscape.

On pages 28 - 33 of my book (see direct link above) I share never before seen photos of how this home was constructed.

If you are intrigued with the original designs of Jeff Doubet Spanish style in Santa Barbara, California you will really enjoy his new book.





best Spanish Colonial Revival home designers images


The Owner Builder of this Santa Barbara home desired to transform the 1960's fixer into a classic, red tile Santa Barbara Spanish Style home.

My conceptual design services included floor plan design, elevation renderings and landscaping.

In my new book Creating Spanish Style Homes on pages 40 - 49 I share a variety of never-before-seen photos of the construction of Casa Corazon- a signature home design by Jeff Doubet, and a wonderful collaboration with the owner that spanned four (4) years to develop this special property.








A new Santa Barbara Spanish Colonial Revival Duplex conceptually designed by local Santa Barbara home designer Jeff Doubet.


The owner had purchased a tear down, near East Beach.


I developed conceptual design renderings for the floor plan and elevations.


The owner worked with their architect to refine the artistic conceptual ideas and develop the technical drawings.

Their General Contractor masterfully built this work of art...

just steps from one of Santa Barbara's most pristine beaches.

On pages 52 - 53 of the book Creating Spanish Style Homes I showcase a variety of the design renderings of this duplex as it went through different design phases and the Santa Barbara Architectural Review Board and Planning Commission process.




Santa Barbara style pool cabanas


A Santa Barbara style pool cabana concept by Jeff Doubet. Clients in Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch have been commissioning me for custom pool cabana designs since 2011. I share a variety of Pool Cabana design concepts and drawings in Creating Spanish Style Homes.

The owner was seeking ideas for a Spanish Colonial Revival pool cabana design to compliment the 6700 sq. ft. main house. This project is highlighted in my new book.





Spanish Revival Estate Casa Corazon Santa Barbara CA


"Casa Corazon" : A custom Spanish Revival home created by Owner Builder Danny Vickers + Designer Jeff Doubet.


Danny hired me to design conceptual floor plans, elevations, landscape design and then worked with his architect to develop working plans and obtain permit.

The 4 year project, along with construction photos of the process are featured in my new book







This fixer home originally had a wood shake roof. The owner wanted to replace it with 2 piece Mission Tile roof.


I sketched a concept for a new Entry Tower, Santa Barbara Sandstone capped walls, old world plaster and an authentic carriage garage door.

A local Architect developed the working drawings and a high end General Contractor crafted this beautiful home.

On pages 224 - 225 of Creating Spanish Homes, I share the step by step process that the General Contractor took to create the entry tower and transformation of this home.




Montecito Spanish Hacienda Home Renovation


Author and local Santa Barbara home designer Jeff Doubet has been helping clients visualize the potential in their fixer upper properties since 2001.

The early (and outdated) 1970s tract house in Montecito became this beautiful Spanish Hacienda style home.

The owners sought design ideas and sketches to create a warm and inviting approach to an inner courtyard and new charming entry tower... beyond.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to call.






Local Santa Barbara designer Jeff Doubet specializes in Spanish style homes and landscape design.

This home is featured in his new Spanish home design book. Please scroll up to find one of the direct links to Amazon.


Sweet and French Lavender, Coastal Sage, white iceberg roses, and Rosemary were my plant choices for this Montecito home and landscape.









Spanish Style Homes Design Resource


In Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs -Insights, author Jeff Doubet shares a wide variety of designer tips and tricks for making these authentic Spanish home details.










classic Montecito Cottage designers

A transformed Montecito Ranch Fixer.

local Santa Barbara designer and consultant Jeff Doubet also consults on other design styles of homes.

Feel free to click through a multitude of other pages on this website to learn more.

Here, I was introduced to this Real Estate Investor through a top producer Realtor.

Design ideas for an inviting outdoor living space included gravel patio, teak furniture and quality fountain.


Lavender, boxwood and citrus trees were some of my proposed plants...




Santa Barbara Cottage with Arched Window

Another quality design by local Santa Barbara designer Jeff Doubet.


Originally from back East, the home owner wanted to upgrade with shake siding and other classic details.


I created a design, and her architect and general contractor took it from there.







The owners of this Campanil Hill home were seeking ways to improve the charm and aesthetics of a pool side structure.


I sketched a concept rendering that included a quality copper roof and new pergola. The results are appealing....







Santa Barbara Cottage Photos


I help clients see the potential in their homes.


If you would like help with a Montecito or Santa Barbara style Cottage re-design,

Please contact Jeff Doubet

Although I have a lot of Spanish style home designs on my website, I also specialize in small cottages that have an Old World European feel to them.







Santa Barbara Cottage Style



I work with investors, realtors, home buyers and owners... helping my clients develop creative ideas for Santa Barbara and Montecito cosmetic fixers...


beautiful improvements to homes and landscapes.


I enjoy designing transitional designs, as well. Here, a two story with Old World plaster on the lower level, and board and batten on the upper story.







To increase the value of this small Montecito fixer property...


I recommended simple, decorative upgrades that would add to the curb appeal.

Board and batten siding, thick wood shutters and window boxes, a new cupola and soothing paint colors...

Classic plant choices for upgrading the landscape.






Fixing up Santa Barbara style cottages


I provided renderings for front and back yard landscaping ideas, cosmetic improvements to create instant curb appeal for this small Santa Barbara style cottage.


The clients were a Real Estate Investor and his Realtor... looking for simple ideas that would create emotional appeal to buyers. The home sold right away...









"El Sonido Del Mar" (The Sound of the Sea)... an oceanfront, Santa Barbara Hacienda Style Home.


I developed several concept proposals and the owners with their talented General Contractor created this beautiful new Hacienda home.

Distressed Rafter tails, 2 piece Mission Tile roof, Old World plaster finish...




Home Buyers looking for the Best Resources in Montecito and Santa Barbara Real Estate


If you are home buyer looking in the Montecito or Santa Barbara area... I am a home consultant who can help you navigate the many choices. Feel free to contact me for an affordable initial consultation.


I am blessed to have a wide range of special clients desiring to create Santa Barbara and Montecito's next classic homes.


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Jeff Doubet




*All drawings, sketches, photos and ideas on this website are copyrighted by Jeff Doubet. All Rights Reserved. The hand drawn illlustrations and many of the photos were incorporated into the book.




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