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Specializing in the design of Santa Barbara style Homes and Landscapes.

My name is Jeff Doubet, and I am an author, award-winning designer and consultant living and working in the seaside hamlet of Santa Barbara, California.

I help home owners make decisions on how to improve the look of their home and property, and guide them through the seemingly endless design choices out there.

Since launching my design consult in a book Creating Spanish Style Homes: Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights (available at Amazon), a good portion of my new clients are spread throughout California, Arizona, Texas and Florida. With modern technology it is easy to work "remotely".

In the book, I share 1,000 + images including over 200 original hand-drawn home design sketches, renderings / drawings. Also, a multitude of behind-the-scenes photos of Spanish homes being built in Santa Barbara, CA.

The concept of the book is to teach my unique design philosophy through short stories and lots of pictures. 

In the meantime, I am the founder of Santa Barbara Home Design, and since 2003 I have offered a variety of these Design Services:




Design and Consultant Services
What, and How to accomplish the Santa Barbara style and look you desire.

Before and After Sketches Hand Drawn Architectural Renderings: Exterior + Landscaping improvement.

Whole House Conceptual Design The details + materials for the Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara style, including floor plans, elevation renderings and landscape design.

My unique design services are centered on helping my clients see their finished project before they get too far along with the costly working drawings to build it.

My clients desire to build inspiring projects and want to learn and understand how they can achieve the greatest potential in their homes and landscapes. I help coach them through a unique, conceptual design and consultant process.

You may have a tired fixer upper, or are building a new home from scratch. My conceptual design and art direction services can help you take the next steps toward achieving your goal, giving you confidence in the project you are contemplating, or are currently building.


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Authentic Spanish Style Home Designers in California that use Plaster Grilles, visit Santa Barbara Home Designer website for more info


For over 15 years I have been providing quality Design, Art Direction and Consulting Services:


Helping clients "See the potential" and teaching them how to improve properties in Montecito, Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara California and beyond.





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Jeff Doubet style Spanish homes have strong emotional appeal and are enjoyable to live in.


Please call Jeff Doubet (805) 687-1716 for an Affordable Initial Consultation.

Or earmark this web page to check in on the availability of my new book which is scheduled to be on Amazon, Fall of 2018




Helping you design a Spanish style home in Santa Barbara, Montecito and beyond

My niche design service is helping clients create an overall design and vision for their home and property.

Inspiring ideas can first bedeveloped through an artistic approach. I help you create a vision of ideas for both the exterior and landscape design of your home, and I teach you how to achieve the look you desire.

Click to see a variety of examples of Preliminary Design Renderings, or click to see my "Al a Carte" design services, now.



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I regularly work with a variety of home owners, independent investors, General Contractors and Artisans to help clients take these designs ideas and make them into a reality.

My on site art directing services are primarily set up for local Santa Barbara area projects (although I do enjoy some out of town/state/country traveling, when the client budget allows for it)


Please call for an affordable initial consultation. Jeff Doubet (805) 687-1716



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Jeff Doubét was recently invited as a non-interviewed author to CALM's 33rd Annual Celebrity Author’s Luncheon.

The event was held at the Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort. 

I was excited to participate in this important annual fundraiser.

I signed copies of Creating Spanish Style Homes in the Ballroom Bookstore following the luncheon/program.

Individual Tickets were $150 and 450–550 guests were thought to have attended.

To learn more about this 2019 event- please visit CALM4Kids.org







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Jeff Doubet is the founder of Santa Barbara Home Design and the SantaBarbaraHomeDesigner.com website.

Jeff Doubet in Santa Barbara, California on Houzz has won multiple awards for design including Best of Houzz Design 2019, Best of Houzz Design 2018 and Best of Houzz Design 2017.

Jeff Doubet is a multiple award winning designer on Houzz.

Jeff Doubet is a best of houzz award winner for Service in the Santa Barbara, California area for 2017 and 2016.

Jeff Doubet is a Houzz influencer for Santa Barbara California. Jeff Doubet / Santa Barbara Home Design has been featured in 4 articles on Houzz by Houzz editorial staff and contributors.

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Jeff Doubet in Santa Barbara, CA on Houzz


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