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Installing spanish clay tile floor next to spanish fireplace

Santa Barbara California has always attracted talented artisans, craftsmen and builders who desire to practice their craft at a high level, and in the most inspiring of settings.

Santa Barbara, Montecito and Hope Ranch have always been communities with an ample supply of homeowners willing to invest in their world-class skills.

NEW! In January 2023 I started a new blog and mobile friendly website


There, I post a lot of new photos for each project and write about all that was going on during those days of photography and design. Since 2003, I never go to a jobsite without my camera!

LEFT: A Santa Barbara Artisan installs a Squares and Pickets tecate clay floor pattern up to the base of a newly designed and built Spanish Colonial Revival style fireplace.



Inspiring photos of high quality custom Spanish homes being designed and built


Spanish Home Designer Jeff Doubet putting a finishing texture on the wall near a new plaster grille installation within a Spanish style home in Santa Barbara CaliforniaIf you are seeking inspirational photos, designs and ideas for the custom Spanish home you are planning to design and build, please peruse this and other pages to see quality images captured by author and Spanish home designer Jeff Doubet.

If you are drawn to these types of images and projects, I think you would really enjoy my book Creating Spanish Style Homes

I published this coffee table style book in the Fall of 2018.

Within it, I have organized 240 pages with over 1,000 images- including lots of photos and design renderings.

I currently sell it on Amazon. The link above has the full description, an 8 page preview, current pricing and many wonderful 5 Star reviews. Thank you readers!



The picture ideabook is a way I can help teach you tips for how to achieve the authentic detailing you seek to create.

ABOVE: I personally enjoyed touching up the Old World plaster finish that was applied to the interior walls of the project. This historically inspired (new) grille was first incorporated into Spanish Revival estates and hotels of the 1920s and 30s. Now they make for great conversation pieces in new Spanish home renovations.

The 2 inch thick, plaster grilles are available in a variety of different designs and sizes. I dedicate a section in my book about them. I am also available to consult with you directly about these types of custom grilles.


There is a renaissance in Santa Barbara for architectural craft

Spanish style fireplace

For over a century, local Santa Barbara and Montecito residents have desired to have classic architectural details built into their custom Spanish style homes.

Each generation has top Santa Barbara home designers, architects and general contractors who "get it". We have an interest and ability to help our clients design and build these unique elements.

In my design consults, I combine creativity, knowledge of materials and resources to advise you on your options.


These conversations can be discussed on site, or on the phone during initial consultations. Should you desire to move forward- I provide many levels of design services that include conceptual design renderings, floor plans, etc.

My work is often passed on to a licensed architect to incorporate the creative ideas in to a set of construction drawings and documents.

Not all designers are architects... and not all architects are designers. Often, homeowners will hire both to achieve their goals.




ABOVE: I have always enjoyed the process of communicating with the independent building trades. Here, I discuss the aesthetic details a faux fireplace (non-operable) I designed as a focal point within the room.


Santa Barbara general contractor applying a finish coat to a Spanish style fireplace mantel


LEFT: A talented local general contractor I enjoy working with applies a finishing coat to a beautiful Spanish Revival fireplace mantel.












Santa Barbara drywall craftsman applies finish coat to a Spanish style plaster door surround detailing in Hope Ranch, California

LEFT: While envisioning special details for your own Spanish home design, consider making an extra thick, chamfered opening to a doorway entrance.

I helped a Hope Ranch, California couple with their remodeling ideas, and we did just that.

For this entrance into their master bath, I suggested that the bath door be set back into the wall to create and provide an interesting focal point within the room.











Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet instructs interior drywall finish details at custom Spanish home in Santa Barbara California


The Casa Corazon project in Santa Barbara started out as a flip, but eventually morphed into a ful custom home project that the owner/builder and dozens of Artisans invested several years to complete.

LEFT: After the whole house was drywall mudded at a standard local fee... we called in another specialty drywall team to apply some added layer of detailing in key locations.

Specifically, where lighting will reflect on the subtle texture, and in the main living areas where natural sunlight and other factors will affect the overall look and feel.

The takeaway- Spend your money where you will enjoy the extra effort.






Craftsman applies a coat of drywall mud to a decorative see through niche in a Spanish home being remodeled in Montecito California Affectionately nicknamed the "bird cage" by the Artisans who were handcrafting it...

This decorative element was designed as a see through niche / plaster surround.


I am a great admirer of the designers and architects of the 1920s and 30s, because they took the time and enjoyed thinking outside the box while designing unique features such as this.








General Contractor and Home Designer Jeff Doubet meet on a Spanish style home remodel site in Montecito, California

Here, I meet with the independent General Contractor to check out the progress of a Spanish home remodel in Montecito, California.

I designed the Bird Cage niche on paper, and worked with a local architectural foam fabricator who hand fabricated in foam and applied a cement coating to it.

This unit came preassembled and the GC glued and bolted it toe the wall.

Here, matching drywall mud texture is being applied for a seamless install.

f you are a local homeowner and are interested in hiring this independent group of artistic trades, I will be happy to introduce you to them!





Santa Barbara home designer Jeff Doubet collaborates with local General Contractors, Artisans and Trades


Talented General Contractors install fluted plaster detail above window in Spanish home remodel in Montecito, California

I have long standing working relationships with a wide variety of independent General Contractors in town. Many have become close friends.

Architects, Structural Engineers, General Contractor, Sub-Contractor and Artisan trades... the combination of talented teams will vary depending on the type of project you envision.

Here, a favorite General Contractor team installs a fluted plaster detail above a kitchen window.

The details are reminiscent of the early George Washington Smith style





Santa Barbara based drywall crafstman finishing custom plastering details of a Spanish home in Santa Barbara, California



LEFT: A deep wall niche was designed as a desk alcove within a small room in a Montecito Spanish style cottage.

The original alcove was boxy and clad with outdated wood paneling.

This talented Artisan puts the finishing touches on the new corbel details, as he applies a final coat of white drywall mud.








brick layers installing a used red brick patio at a Spanish Revival home under construction in Santa Barbara California


California Spanish style home designs often include indoor living areas adjacent to outdoor patios and covered loggias.

It is a convenient and enjoyable way to entertain your family and friends, as the get-together passes between the kitchen, family or dining room.

I captured this photo while the Casa Corazon covered patio and hardscapes were under construction.

The clanging of used red brick as the Artisans laid them in the classic pattern continues to be a fond memory of mine.

Basket weave is a favorite pattern I like to specify for outdoor patios and walkways. It is timeless in design, and relatively easy for the crew to install.






Mason plasterer working with a trowel on a Santa Barbara Spanish Revival style fireplace design


LEFT: A local independent Artisan puts a finishing coat on a Spanish Revival style fireplace hood.

Notice how this mantel design incorporates a shelf. A place to showcase your collectibles, yet it still allows a classic hood detail above it.

These types of fireplace designs are particularly impressive in a dining or living room, or a room with tall ceilings that can handle the composition.










Santa Barbara style stucco finish being applied to a local Spanish style construction project

Since 2003, I have shared a hobby of photography and the days I am on project sites that enable me to capture the construction progress as a custom Spanish home design is being built.

Here, a stucco plasterer Artisan works on detailing around a window during new construction of an accessory structure.

While designing this building, my client requested an oversized outdoor fireplace.

He envisioned it as the heart of a central outdoor gathering spot for friends and family. It truly became that!

There is a section in my book showing time-lapse photography of our process of taking raw land, and then designing and building a structure that looks and feels as though it has been there for a hundred years.





Spanish style kitchen design ideas, designers and consultants


Spanish style Range Hood Designs:

Beautiful kitchen range hoods can be built to compliment other plaster detailing throughout your custom home, most notably your fireplaces.

There are so many different design variations you can incorporate, but typically you should plan a design that will be wider than the range itself. This is because the corbel support detailing needs to be outside of the cooking area.

LEFT: A local Santa Barbara homeowner and I discuss next steps for her kitchen remodel, now that the Artisans had completed the range hood.

We discuss the pros and cons of layout options as we think about the pattern in the decorative Spanish style tile options she is considering.






installing custom wood doors for Spanish style homes

Types of Spanish style Interior Doors:

Custom Spanish style homes can be designed and built with painted wood doors, as well as stained wood doors.

Some of the early entry level homes had painted doors, probably because they were less expensive to make and install. This is true today, as well.

Stained doors will require a higher budget, because the door itself must be made with a nicer species of wood that will also take the stain.

LEFT: Here, a talented Artisan installs a subtly distressed, stained Alder wood door. A distressed look can be specified as a finish from the factory, or it can be done on site by Artisans using special tools.






Installing authentic Spanish style roof tiles in Santa Barbara, California

Roofing info for a custom Spanish home:

There are many brands and material choices in Spanish roof tiles. The best ones have sizing and profiles that mimic the historic tiles. Locally, this typically means a more petite size of roof tile.

Tract housing roof tiles are easily distinguished because of the cheaper production tiles they are installing in perfectly straight rows. This results in an obvious cookie cutter look.

Left: Handcrafted custom homes require more attention to detail in the roof materials, and how they are installed.

The finished results make a huge difference in the aesthetic, as well as the perceived value of the finished project.







hand made wrought iron outdoor lighting in Santa Barbara, California

Spanish style Lighting Tips:

There are many details that go into creating a high end, custom Spanish style home, including indoor and outdoor lighting.

Even when on a budget, I still believe investing in quality handmade wrought iron lighting in prominent area of a project (like at front door), can pay off. It is like jewelry for your house- your guests will notice the quality you have invested in.


Here I check on the progress of custom hand forged exterior lanterns made by a favorite local Santa Barbara custom lighting fabricator.

He created these hand forged exterior lanterns, and this photo captures them in a primer stage, just before the finish color coats.



Building a Spanish style mailbox designed by Jeff Doubet, Santa Barbara Home Designer


Spanish style Mailboxes:

Something you can consider for your high end custom Spanish home is a quality mailbox.

A stucco column style with copper or brass box is a quality route to take and this will coordinate nicely with the architecture of your home..

Here the stucco Artisan applies the final coat of plaster on the column. The red tape protects the other design elements from the plastering process.

On pages 48-49 of my book Creating Spanish Style Homes, I show a time-lapse photo sequencing of the various steps we took to design and build it.




Spanish tile design used on Jeff Doubet Spanish mailbox design in Santa Barbara, California

A close up image of the Spanish tile design we chose to incorporate into this mailbox.

Check back soon, as I will post the link to buy them directly at Amazon.






three men building a Spanish Revival mailboxin Santa Barbara


The use of Talavera tile in Spanish Homes:

Santa Barbara Designers and Architects often specify them for stair risers, fireplace surrounds, kitchen backsplashes, outdoor fountains, etc.


Here, the homeowner, plasterer Artisan and I discuss the addition of a cast iron roman cross that will top the custom Spanish style mailbox at Casa Corazon.

The thought was to build up the cement plaster to ramp up on 4 sides to the round base of the cast iron cross.







Spanish style fireplace being painted in Santa Barbara California

How are Spanish fireplaces designed:

Custom designed Spanish style fireplaces are often a layering of multiple materials to give them a high quality look.

This is often done with iron screens, decorative Spanish tile, brick and stone.

For this Santa Barbara project, an iron frame with cast iron rosettes was hand fabricated as a decorative surround to the fire box.

Here an Artisan puts a final coat of paint on the cement surround that was built in place, on site.







Installing a plaster hood above a Spanish door in Santa Barbara California


Plaster Door Surrounds:

To deeply recess the front door of this building, the door itself was box framed within the structure.

To detail the box, I proposed a cap detail for it. Designed on paper, the supplier was able to cut and fabricated it in architectural foam, and applied a thin coat of cement to it.

Once we got it to the project site, we centered and secured it in place.

Then, the seams were covered in fiberglass mesh and the coats of finish drywall mud applied.







Making a Spanish style wall niche in Montecito, California

Decorative Spanish Niches:

Building an artistic Spanish style niche into an existing walls is a relatively simple thing you can do to add charm to an otherwise boring wall.

On page 194 of my book, I share a variety of other photos showing how this Moorish style niche was made in a custom home in Montecito, California.


Designs of niches can be endless, but for this one... a subtle "ice cream scoop" starts at the soft top and gradually morphs to a sharp triangular shaped shelf at the bottom.

What shape will you want to make?






making a Spanish Revival fireplace mantel in Santa Barbara, California

Designing Spanish Revival Fireplaces:

The design possibilities are nearly endless. With the common building materials used, there is a lot of flexibility in how your design can look.

On this local project, I designed the mantel to have a heavy cornice detail that would protrude enough to become a narrow shelf above it.

I sketched little corbels in the upper corners of the firebox opening.

Here the independent Artisan puts a subtle surface texture on the final touches of the project.








building a custom garden archway designed by Jeff Doubet Spanish home designer based in Santa Barbara, California


Roofing a Garden Arch:

Here, an Artisan roofer was busy cutting, checking, cutting and re-checking each roof tile piece- as he then permanently secured them in cement.

The iron finial on top was anchored into the framing before the weatherproofing was installed.

On pages 44-45 of my book I share a 16 photo / time-lapse sequence of how this special archway was designed and built.






Installing a Spanish Revival foyer ceiling in Montecito California home

Spanish Fluted Ceilings:

The Spanish Colonial Revival style provides a lot of creative flexibility in how home designers and architects can express the many details.

This beautiful family wanted to create a special foyer ceiling in their Montecito home.

The perfect spot for it happened to land in a very awkward point in the roofline.

In order to accomodate this, an 8 sided ceiling was designed.







building a custom plaster ceiling in a Montecito California Spanish home



The dozens of Artisans I showcase in my book are not hired models.

They are real life, good looking men and women who just happen to be living their dream as artists in the trades.

I love promoting their many talents on these pages and the book- and enjoy hearing how they are using both to further their careers in what they love to do.

Here, the Artisan uses a wet-n-dry sanding block to refine the Old World finish he is applying to the walls.





Artisan drywall mudding Spanish style interior walls in Santa Barbara California

Drywall Finishes for Spanish Homes:

For high quality Spanish style interiors, you can upgrade the surface to a standard drywall finish.

In less expensive tract housing developments, the general contractor and developer typically sputter spray on the layers of drywall mud "texture". This type of finish takes away from the ambiance of a quality project.

In high end custom Spanish homes in Santa Barbara, we strive to make the wall surfaces have the look of a subtle, handmade plaster.

This is done with a flat blade, and includes wiping down the surface with a drywall sponge.







Young man installing a Spanish Revival iron window grille in Santa Barbara, California custom Spanish house

Specialty Custom Windows in Spanish Homes:

Plaster, iron and glass are common recurring materials used in the construction of quality Spanish style home designs.

Specialty windows can be hand crafted with these materials to make a statement.


Here, a custom piece of decorative wavy glass is being installed in an interior window of a local Santa Barbara project.









young man sanding Spanish style interior design details in a custom home in Montecito, California.

Spanish Bathroom Details:

Here, a master bathroom was re-imagined with rich details that are relatively easy and affordable to install.

This particular client wanted bold ideas and high visual impact. I happily obliged, and sketched up the details.

Elements like these can be made with custom cut architectural foam that has a thin coating of cement applied by the fabricator.

Once components are installed and fiberglass mesh tape is applied to the seams- drywall mud is applied over all.


Here, an Artisan finish sands the drywall at a tub alcove (left) and double vanity cabinets (above).






Installing Spanish Colonial Revival style stone landings at a newly built Spanish barn in Santa Barbara, California


Stone Work for Santa Barbara Spanish Homes:

Local Santa Barbara sandstone was incorporated as step landings at this project in the foothills.

Sandstone is ideal for this type of project because it coordinates seamlessly with the landscape that often can have sandstone retaining walls, as shown in the background of this image.


Here, I check on the stone mason progress, admiring how the project is coming together so nicely.







middle age man examining a rusty section of Spanish style antique railing at an architectural salvage store in Santa Barbara, California

Installing Architectural Salvage in your Custom Home:

Another way to add instant charm and a sense of history to your Spanish home design is to incorporate architectural salvage.

When designing your own place, consider what it will cost to have a blacksmith hand forge scrolls and weld up your design.

Architectural salvage can often be considered a good deal.

On this day, I purchased a section of vintage railing, and the General Contractor installed it for the homeowner.







Spanish style dining room with thick wall archway and dark stained reclaimed beams in Montecito, California


Designing Thick Archways:

Graceful arches, art niches, Old World plaster, barrel ceilings, wrought iron window grilles and railings, decorative plaster grilles, wide plank oak floors...

These are some of the custom elements that go in to creating a custom home in Santa Barbara or Montecito.

For a good General Contractor and their framing crew, it is not difficult to build these elements.

A thickened wall or passageway is typically two walls framed next to one another, and you can decide how wide they will be.

All the trades need to do is plan and build those walls as far apart as they need to be to get the look you are asking for.






three young artisans, men working on Spanish Colonial Revival interior design details reminiscent of Wallace Neff at a project in Santa Barbara, California


Plaster Decorative Elements:

This non-structural design element was envisioned to hide an awkward transition from a grand hall to a sharply angled short ceiling of the narrow hallway behind it.

This Montecito estate had details reminiscent of Wallace Neff, and the owner wanted to continue with a theme of this era of local architecture.










young man artisan applying patina solution to a decorative copper weather vane with glass ball in Santa Barbara, California

Copper Lightning Rods for Spanish Roofs:

Custom lightning rods such as this one are readily available and can be purchased online for a relatively affordable price.

I like the designs that have the glass ball feature, like the one on the left.

These can be affordable options to the more costly copper weather vanes.


The one I am applying patina to was installed on the finished project, directly below.




An award winning classic Spanish Colonial Revival style cottage with sandstone rock garden walls, green grass in Santa Barbara, California




Homes with Souls logo wotj decorative plaster grille graphic photo as backdrop.  An original custom logo found on Santa Barbara Home Design website.


Home Designer Jeff Doubet enjoys incorporating the time honored traditions in creating unique home designs based on materials and techniques inspired by the Old Country of Spain!






two Artisan men in Santa Barbara working on plaster grilles and plaster ceilings for a Spanish style home in Montecito, California


Spanish Plaster Grilles and Decorative Ceilings:

I like to think of them as three-dimensional art forms that can be incorporated in to your custom Spanish style home.


Here, I work along side an Artisan as we touch up a grille and a ceiling panel in prep for installation.

It was easier to apply this layer of detail on the ground vs. once installed on the ceilings.







Santa Barbara California artisan making oversized Spanish Revival style ceiling panels




Here, another Artisan puts finishing touches on the San Felipe pattern of one of the ceiling panels before it was installed.









two Santa Barbara California artisans installing a San Felipe pattern Spanish Revival plaster ceiling in Montecito



Once the Spanish style ceiling panels were glued and screwed into place, painters caulk was used to seal the seams where the individual panels met the coffered ceiling beams. A primer coat was applied and then multiple coats of soft white paint.

As the project was coming to an end, I imagined the many daydreams these mesmerizing patterns would spur in the coming years.

It is always a goal to design comfort and enjoyment into the environments we are creating.







Long hallway of Spanish arches and clay tile floor in Spanish home in Santa Barbara, California

Tecate Clay Floor Tiles in Spanish Homes:

Like home designers from earlier generations, figuring out the variety of pattern options and combining them to make familiar, yet original new compositions is a challenging and rewarding part of the creative process.


These tecate clay floor tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

In this shot, I show transitions from Entry Foyer to bedroom hall, living room and master suite were all designed to have interesting transitions in the floor patterns.









Jeff_Doubet Santa Barbara Home Designer inspecting drywall details on an interior Spanish archway in a Montecito, California homeIf you looking for quality advice on other aspects of your Spanish home design project...

please give me a call to schedule an affordable Initial Consultation.

I regularly work with clients throughout California, as well as in Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Florida.








Spanish Colonial Revival style fireplace in Montecito, California Spanish cottage



I often help homeowners with the Spanish Colonial Revival style details they wish to incorporate into their homes.


LEFT: A new fireplace design that looks historic in this Montecito California Spanish style cottage.








Designing Classic Santa Barbara Homes and Landscapes

Small Spanish style home with modest entry tower and round top wood door in Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara home designer Jeff Doubet specializes in Spanish style home and landscape designs enjoys a wide range of projects each year.



Each new client shares a desire to create unique, yet classic details that will make their home stand out as a custom home.



LEFT: a small Santa Barbara Spanish style home.



Close up photo of the details of a 2 inch thick plaster grille for a Spanish style home in Santa Barbara, California


As a home designer who specializes in historic spanish style home detailing- I really enjoy specifying high quality products such as plaster grilles like the one shown here.

It is a big part of the artisanal craft in creating Spanish style homes.






Grille Store logo at SantaBarbaraHomeDesigner.com an online store resource of links to decorative grilles, air vent covers and cast iron egisters for Spanish homes


For other resources for metal and cast iron decorative grilles I have established an Online Store for Decorative Spanish Grille Collections


Please note I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means I receive a small commission on any purchase you might make through the direct Amazon links I share on this website.


There is never an additional charge to you. Thank You for your support!



Scroll to see more highlights of the authentic Spanish style details designed and created in local Montecito, Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara homes.


a deeply carved plaster wall medallion installed in a Spanish style home in Santa Barbara, California by designer Jeff Doubet




A custom Spanish style medallion, recessed deeply and carved plaster. Designed and sculpted by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet.

A commission for a Spanish home in Santa Barbara, California










A long hallway in a custom Spanish style home in Santa Barbara, California includes barrel style hallway sections, dark stained alder wood doors and custom clay tile flooring.



A long hallway in a custom Spanish style home in Santa Barbara, California includes barrel style hallway sections, dark stained alder wood doors and custom clay tile flooring.













A custom see through niche with art bowl in a Santa Barbara California modern style home



A custom see through niche with art bowl in a modern style cottage in Santa Barbara, California


4 sculpted art panels in the background designed and sculpted by Jeff Doubet of Santa Barbara, California










A decorative plaster grille mounted high up on a wall in a barrel style ceiling and hallway.  A moroccan lantern in the foreground of the Spanish style home in Santa Barbara, California



A moroccan metal lantern with colorful glass was wired with UL listed components to create a special pendant light in a barrel ceiling hallway in a Santa Barbara, California Spanish home.


Note the quality plaster grille installed high up on the wall. This was a decorative way to hide an HVAC air intake.








Young man installing a Spanish style iron sign on plaster driveway column in Santa Barbara, California


An artisan installing a Spanish style iron sign on a plaster driveway column in Santa Barbara, California









A Moorish pendant light and a decorative round window with iron grille installed in a Spanish style home in Santa Barbara, California


A colorful Moorish lantern was UL listed wired to become a pendant light in a barrel hall ceiling.

A round window with iron grille was deeply recessed into the wall of this custom Santa Barbara, California home.









A custom family crest installed in a plaster wall of a Spanish style garden arch in Santa Barbara, California


A custom designed family crest was sculpted in clay, then a mold was made for casting it in colored concrete. The piece was installed into a plaster wall of a Spanish style garden arch in a landscape in Santa Barbara, California








An artisan installs a copper lightning rod with glass ball on a Spanish roof in Santa Barbara, California


An artisan installs a copper lightning rod with glass ball onto the roof of a Spanish home in Santa Barbara, California




























Spanish Revival Grilles















Houses Santa Barbara Designers














Spanish Revival House Santa Barbara
















Santa Barbara Designers House
















installing honed carrera marble sink top


Carrera Marble as a material for Spanish Homes:


Carerra marble is a fairly common stone specified into Spanish style homes. It can be used in both bathrooms and kitchens.

LEFT: An Artisan team installs a honed Carrera marble sink top in a local Santa Barbara, California project.









Classic bathroom lighting being installed in Santa Barbara, California


Depending on what other materials you are using within your home, a Carerra marble or light colored man-made version of it can help balance the interior design.

It coordinates nicely with painted or stained cabinetry, as well as red clay floor tiles or wood floors.

With wood beams, floors, cabinetry... a home can become "too dark" if not careful in your planning.

In this case, Carerra marble was used as floor tile in this guest bath, and it balances the room nicely with the dark wood vanity cabinet and mirror.





Designing Quality Montecito and Santa Barbara Homes

Many of the quality design aesthetics of a Jeff Doubet Spanish style home can also be incorporated in to other styles of homes.



Montecito home designers and stone house photos


This Montecito stone farmhouse was designed by local Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet.


The owners of the San Ysidro Road 5 acre parcel were looking for a design that would tie in to the rural nature of their lot.


I was inspired by local historic structures such as those at the San Ysidro Ranch.







Round Windows:

LEFT: An Artisan crafting details inside the new Stone Farmhouse.


Authentic, integral color plaster was used throughout interior and exterior walls.



































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