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Santa Barbara Spanish home designer and author Jeff Doubet announces new guide book for those designing Spanish style homes and landscapes


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Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights is a new "Design Consultation in a Book" for those looking for quality information, drawings and photos that guide and teach about the nuances in the art and craft of creating a custom Spanish style home.

Since 2003, author and designer Jeff Doubet has led a local renaissance within the art and architectural craft of custom Spanish style homes in the seaside hamlet of Santa Barbara, California.

Now, Jeff has finally completed his compilation of tens of thousands of design hours and the organization of hundreds of never-before-seen design renderings and photos, and has published them in a large format, full color coffee table book.

The unique book showcases a 15 year journey (2003 - 2018) to document these collaborations, designs, thought processes and behind-the-scenes techniques while crafting special homes.




And I am appreciative of the Reviews that are coming in on the book! You can "Look Inside" the 8 page preview at this direct link to Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara California Book on Amazon.




Hi, my name is Jeff Doubet, and I am the author of Creating Spanish Style Homes, available directly on Amazon.


I hope you will pick up a copy, and if you are local within the Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch or Montecito California neighborhoods... give me a call! I would love to meet with you and discuss the masterpiece you are dreaming up.






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I am proud of the many collaborations I have been a part of in Santa Barbara.

Over 300 talented individuals are represented within this 240 page book.






















































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Santa Barbara Designer Jeff Doubet



Spanish home designer and author Jeff Doubet enjoys being a hands-on Art Director, Designer and Home Design Consultant.

My insights and love of the craft are much expanded within Creating Spanish Style Homes : Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights available now on Amazon.










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Online Store for Decorative Grilles, air vent covers and artistic designs in Registers for Spanish Homes













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Jeff Doubet



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