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Santa Barbara Spanish home and landscape design services:

A young woman and man discuss the options for decorative tiles for a Spanish style kitchen remodel in Santa Barbara, California


Santa Barbara Home Design consultant Jeff Doubet provides a range of design services for local Santa Barbara clients.

Since my book came out in the Fall of 2018, I have been designing a wide range of projects outside the area.

These collaborations with a variety of homeowners are spread throughout California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Florida.

With digital technology, there are many ways we can work together.

Live Zoom calls, on site visits, email, texting-

Typically it is a combination of all of the above.




Jeff Doubet Design + Consultant Services include:

Santa Barbara Spanish style home design - exterior

Santa Barbara Spanish style architectural detailing - exterior and interior

Santa Barbara Spanish style interior design- floor plans, arches, niches, etc.

Santa Barbara Spanish style landscape design - hardscapes, pool, landscape, accessory structures

Spanish style home design illustrations, renderings and hand-drawn sketches


My design and consulting services are focused on helping you develop an overall vision for your project. My conceptual design renderings typically include both home design, as well as landscaping ideas around it.



A covered 2 story deck of a Spanish Colonial Revival style home with olive green windows and doors in Santa Barbara, California

How to work with Jeff Doubét

To inquire about my availability (current work load), please email me with this basic info of what you would like to collaborate on.


Please provide in your email:

Subject line:  Project Inquiry

In the body:

    1) Your Full name

    2) Full project address (including zip code)

    3) Your cell phone #

    4) Brief description of project needs.

    *At this time there is no need to send project photos or plans.  The info you provide will help me determine project fit, and provide you with my current availability.



    Since 2006, I work a 4 day schedule (Tuesday thru Friday's), so I reply to emails then, and will include an overview sheet with more detail, as well as an initial consultation agreement to review.

    If agreeable, you would fill out and sign the initial consult agreement, scan and email back to me. At that point, we would coordinate our schedules.


    How much does Jeff Doubet charge for his time?

    I bill my design and consulting at $175 per hour (Tues - Fridays), with a 2 hour min. on all new inquiries/projects.

    If you require scheduling a call or site visit (Sat - Mondays), I bill my time at $250/hr.

    Many professional design trades offer set project fees. These "bids" often include a percentage mark up for their staff and the overall cost of your project. Interior Designers often charge hourly, as well as a mark up percentage on the furnishings they are recommending to you. General contractors mark up materials/workers.

    I simply charge for the investment of my time (no embedded fees)- and typically bill my clients weekly.

    I do have rough ballpark averages I can share with you re: how many hours I typically invest in various sizes of concept design renderings. (There are 200 examples of these drawings in my book)


    Santa Barbara Home Design Initial Consultations


    A fluted decorative plaster ceiling in an entry foyer in a Spanish style cottage in Montecito, California

    I offer a valuable perspective during initial consultations. I share my construction background since 1981, combining it with being a Santa Barbara Home Design Consultant since 2003 -

    My "no strings attached" $175 per hour Initial Consultation is a very affordable way to explore the ideas you have been contemplating.

    Out of town clients come to Santa Barbara to meet me here, or if you are within driving distance... I can come to you.

    The invitations from clients to their out of state projects cover my travel expenses. I bill for my time, but cap it for overnight stays- which I will better explain when you contact me.

    Often, a homeowner feels the expense of a flight and/or drive time to their location is an easier way to discuss their project, and I enjoy working with clients on site- as well.

    Live Zoom calls are also a way to discuss your design dilemnas, and I have a prepared list of suggested ways to prep.




    Talk live with Author + Spanish Home Designer Jeff Doubét

    Since my book came out in late Fall of 2018, over 1,505 homeowners have purchased it (as of 12/23/22).

    I always appreciate hearing from enthusiastic readers- and enjoy seeing my book at construction sites.

    If you would like to schedule a Zoom video call to discuss anything in the book (questions, resources, etc) feel free to contact me with the info I request, above.


    Santa Barbara Style Home and Landscape Design


    Small Spanish Colonial Revival style cottage with fountain in Montecito, California

    Santa Barbara Home Design Consulting Services include:  Conceptual design of floor plans, additions, interior design and landscaping.

    I regularly work with clients who already have a General Contractor, and/or Architect.

    My design and consulting services enhance other independent trades. Having had a General Contractor lic. for 10 years, I enjoy the repoire of working with clients that have their teams in place.




    If you are local in Santa Barbara and do not yet have a team, I can make recommendations from a favorite list of local independent talent.



    Spanish style Hand Drawn Renderings + Architectural Illustrations


    A hand drawing Spanish style home design rendering by home designer Jeff Doubet, who is based in Santa Barbara, California


    I help clients see the potential for their homes and landscapes by developing hand drawn designs, sketches and renderings.

    Since 2003, I have drawn hundreds of these concept designs for clients throughout the US, but particularly California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Florida.




    As mentioned, I bill my design and illustration services at $175 per hour (Tues - Fri). These detailed renderings include architectural detailing and landscaping. These conceptual design renderings enable you and your team to see a finished project before it begins.

    I work with clients that have an architect and/or a technical team in mind, but first would like to work with me to help them "put on paper" their early thoughts for the direction they are envisioning.


    a small single level Spanish style fixer upper home in Montecito, CaliforniaJeff Doubet rendering of a small single level Spanish style home design in Montecito, Californiaa renovated small single level Spanish style home in Montecito, California


    Project Consulting for Santa Barbara style design elements:



    Santa Barbara home designer Jeff Doubet directing drywall artisan with wall texture in a custom Spanish style home in Santa Barbara, California


    I am also available on an hourly rate basis to work with your General Contractor and trades for the implementation of decorative elements such as arches, niches, old world plastering, etc.

    I bring an artistic eye to help with the aesthetic details you and your independent Architect, General Contractor and trades are developing.


    I am well connected with independent,local, licensed Santa Barbara architects, structural engineers and general contractors and can share those resources with you.





    If all sounds good and you would like to schedule an Initial Consultation, Please Contact me


    Spanish style arched entrance into a living room with a Spanish Colonial Revival style fireplaceA full arch at the top of a Spanish style staircase with wrought iron railing in Santa Barbara, CaliforniaSanta Barbara artisan installing decorative sSpanish tile on staircase in Santa Barbara, CaliforniaClose up photo of a hand made wrought iron fireplace screen in Santa Barbara, California



    Below: A Jeff Doubet example of a 1960's transformation of a tract house


    To see a wide range of other Before & After projects, Click Here


    Tract home fixer upper in Santa Barbara CA



    BEFORE photo for project, below







    construction photo of a Santa Barbara California fixer upper home



    UNDER CONSTRUCTION for the Santa Barbara California fixer upper above,

    and the completed project, below







    Small Spanish style home with modest tower entry designed by Santa Barbara home designer Jeff Doubet



    AFTER photo for the fixer, above












    Stone steps at round top Spanish style wood door entry way in a Santa Barbara Spanish Revival style home


    Close up of the front door for the modest Spanish style entry tower, above